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King Mook

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Hip Hop, Rap, southern, real, honest, soulful, and self reflectant


im in influenced by artist like Scarface, 2pac, Mary J Blige, Jay-Z, Nas, Master P, and more but im more influenced by my own life experiences because that's what i pull from


Dey Just Mad

Written By: Ronald Leon

Verse 1: Fuck Niggas shootin' slugs but dey aint bold enough to beef you wanna hold somthing bitch well you can hold my nuts for free (sheesh) close ya mouth please stick to the code say it isn't so dey gossip like bitches and Hoes I can spit with the pros nit pick at ya soul ya betta get ya shit and just roll Hoe
Bridge: cuz Mook hold it down like a anchor weight its hotter than a block fulla cops but it aint kuiwait
shakin' da hate and im brushin' my shoulder scraper my plate so eat my dust cause its over use a goner
haters can hate cause aint no love for them hoes take it away no where my horns? there they go, (there they go)
Hook: See dey just Mad cause dey aint hot like I, I got that H-Town swag Imma fly type Guy let ya bumper kit drag if its fly type ride you can knock before you enter just dont knock my shyne.(Rpt1x)
Verse2: I would rather have the whole entire world hate me for the person I am den love me for some nigga im not cause it aint shit about me fake B cause im the same person I am rather im round' a bunch of niggas or not sizzlin' hot like pork chops straight out the pot as I climb to get to the top Niggas that's hatin gon plot
Verse3: We aint gotta be cool, we aint gotta be friends, we aint gotta shake hands, and we aint gotta pretend im tired of this hating im speakin' what the truth is ya see me in the streets dont speak just keep it moving im all about mines tryin' to stack cash quick bitch miss me with that talkin behind ya back ass shit


King Mook's Dey Just Mad song was currently used on a project called "Industry Made" on CMG/Universal Records scheduled to be released at the end of October of this year currently gaining radio play for underground radio stations.

Set List

right now it's Dey just Mad, All I Know, and Shyne On! can extend on request