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"Deborah Ramirez"

“King muDDFish has the most original, sexiest lyrics and swinging sound that I heard in a long time.”
- Sun Sentinel, November 2008

"Mark McCoy"

“Jumping right into it from the start, King muDDfish front man Mike Edwards’ electric resonator guitar opener grabbed the audience and didn’t let them go. The strong showmanship and solid performance from this South Florida based group confirmed that this band was the one to beat. Excellent songwriting, strong vocals, guitarist Dan Newman’s shining solos and Edwards’ ability to seamlessly move from resonator to harp and back to the guitar were the standouts of this band’s set. Matched up with Jerry Crepeau on drums and Joel Kobelin on bass, these veterans performed with confidence and showed that being different and remaining true to the Blues wasn’t mutually exclusive.” - Orange Blossom Special Edition,


2004 - "Hook Water Wolf" - Original arrangements of time honored classics that were popularized by John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, and Muddy Waters. Nominated for the IBC "Best Self-produced Blues CD of 2004"

2006 - "No Cover" - All original blues tunes by King muDDfish. Nominate for the IBC "Best Self-produced Blues CD of 2006"

Both CD's receive airplay on blues radio shows around the world. Streaming samples are available.



Thirty-five years ago, the seeds of King muDDfish had been planted - teenage saplings, Mike Edwards and Dan Newman were making waves on the South Florida music scene. Daring to stand tall against the pop music winds of the day, Mike and Dan helped lay the roots of what would become the Jam Band scene of today. The boys honed their skills jamming to their own arrangements of classic blues tunes like "Spoonful", "Good Morning Little School Girl", or "Who Do You Love?" while they also worked on perfecting their song writing craft.

Teaming up with Mike and Dan in 1973, percussionist Jerry Crepeau infused his Detroit influences into the mix and the band developed a loyal following by delivering powerful blues-based jams wherever they played. Three more decades of paying the dues and delivering the music they loved led to the cultivation of King muDDfish and their vision of the "new eclectic blues movement".

What is the "new eclectic blues movement? It's almost easier to describe what it is not. Most people who are not avid blues fans often think of B.B. King, the Blues Brothers or perhaps Stevie Ray Vaughn when someone mentions the blues - and this is not the "new eclectic blues movement" - this is simply great, but standard blues fare.

However, take a batch of music from Charley Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Dixon, Albert King, James Brown, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dr. John, Curtis Salgado and Taj Mahal, cook it over a low heat until it simmers into a tasty blend. Season it up with hip, tight arrangements and extended opportunities for improvisation, pour it like gravy over veteran musicians who grew up together mixing their Texas, New Orleans, Detroit and Miami heritages, and you end up with something that typifies the "new eclectic blues movement". It's innovative and original, yet its based on America's musical form that others have worn thin. It's different from anything you've heard before today, yet you know it's the blues. It spans across territory from the acoustic sensibility and raw howl of pre-war delta blues to the electrified performances of the Chicago blues era and beyond. It soaks up the performance dynamism of soul and gospel tent revivals, then it wraps it in the subtlety of bebop and serves it with reverence for the great fathers of the blues. Oh yes, and it all comes with a big sidecar just dripping in joyous jams.

Like other jam bands, the King muDDfish studio recordings are snippets that set the tone for the live performances. Live performance tunes can run from under three minutes to over twenty minutes, depending on how the guys feel on any given night. Often, an impromptu instrumental call and response sets up the beginning of a song; one song may dramatically end and a sole guitar quietly sets up the next tune, or a simple kick drum pattern builds the suspense until the next song is allowed to unfold.

But don't write off the King muDDfish CD's as simply a collection of snippets to draw from and expand for live performances - both CD's were nominated for the Blues Foundation IBC "Best Self-Produced Blues CD of the Year".

Mike Edwards has become known as the "quadruple threat" in the blues community. While Mike has become one of the most dynamic blues singers of late, he is also gaining recognition as one of the greatest slide guitar players performing today. Throw in his artistry as a lead guitarist and his stand-alone blues harp talent into the mix, and you have a guy whose depth and breadth as a performer leave bigger name artists in awe.

Dan Newman is one of the top blues guitarists in the Southeastern United States. He is not only known for his signature style and phrasing, but also for his great guitar tone and dynamics. "Playing with Dan is amazing. So many groups and singers try to recruit him all the time because he is so great, but I've been lucky enough to play with him decade after decade."

Mike and Dan write the original tunes for King muDDfish, but the effects of their combined talent does not end there. To see and hear the interplay between these two great guitarists is shear wonderment. This is not a case of two great guitarists sharing the stage like Tab Benoit and Jimmy Thackery doing the Whiskey Store show, or whichever pair of guitarists you wish to choose from the Allman Brothers Band…when you see Mike and Dan together, you see that they were born to play guitar with each other. Whether it's an improvised call and response, a rhythm groove under a solo, a shared solo over a progression, or a good-natured six-string shootout in the middle of a jam, you can see the joy that is created each time their fingers touch the strings.

Bassist Joel Kobelin and drummer Jerry Crepeau make up a mountain of a rhythm section. They lay the groundwork for Mike and Dan to freely negotiate and climb, all the while, keeping the groove going, no matter how far "outside" Mike and