King Na$a & Unknown Era

King Na$a & Unknown Era

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I am a young ambitious artist, that has a deep outlook on life. A outlook that will make you smile, cry, and really think about what your doing in life. I feel like i can change the world if i was giving the chance to. My music is intelligent and my performances are energetic. I WANT TO BE GREAT.


UNKNOWN ERA is a group of rebellious teens from Houston,Tx . We all came together because we didn't really have anyone else. Just some teens trying to make a name for themselves.

King Nasa, a 16 year old musician, designer, and student from the city streets of Houston, TX. That has a dream to be an icon in music. For King Nasa it all started off as a kid listening to old school music as a kid. Growing up without his father, he lived with his mother and his older sister. His older brother lived across town with his biological father. As a kid, he grow up on his own teaching himself to be a man, music and designing were his only ways of feeling free . Growing up he went to 12 different elementaries. Sometimes he had to move because of his behavior in school but most of the time it was because his mom wanted to. King Nasa states "it felt like we were running from something." He says. Being a bad student in school, he found what he wanted to be and it was an artist. In middle school, he started hanging with the skaters. He started skating and they got him to turn to drugs, which got him in to a lot of trouble. He got kicked out of school in the 7th grade, because he was getting to fights and not following the rules. He stopped skating and started putting his focuses in to music and it all took off from there





God Of Black EP
Night Owl (coming soon)

Set List

Night Owl
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Nino Brown
American dreams
Love without the e
Party just started
So Complex
King of Trill
Gxd Lvl