Dallas, Georgia, USA

Kingnaldo’s music is not complex in structural terms but rather follows something reminiscent to Nirvana and even though is heavier, sometimes it turns more chaotic, which makes this an experience closer to the 70’s rock. By Arnaldo Román -Trance Liquido -


Born in the surreal island of Puerto Rico "Kingnaldo" is not your typical rock star, he's a modern poet with an intense voice. Kingnaldo's music is vibrant and exciting much like the great artists that made the psychedelic 70's era a memorable one with a 90's modern flare from the alternative grunge and nu-metal movement; his style is a mix of old and new Rock.

Kingnaldo mingled with music at an early age, a perfect fusion of Motown and Latin old school ballads was his background noise. At age 10 he listened to Metallica, Gun's and Roses and Michael Jackson among others. His admiration for great music gave him a deep desire to play the drums. At age 13 he asked for a drum set and his father end up making his child happy. Kingnaldo had a few drum teachers for a few months and learned quickly; he played drums everyday for hours till he masters the double pedal to become like the drummers he admired. Then came the 90’s grunge and nu-metal, Kingnaldo was truly influenced and felt identified with this movement. Bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Deftones and Korn, his admiration for these bands is noticeable in his music. By mid 90's Kingnaldo had embraced metal rock and became one of the best metal drummers in his region, he played all over Puerto Rico.

When you listen to Kingnaldo's music you feel that real sound that was a signature in the 70's and 90's. His lyrics are dark in a positive way; he talks about our rights and self completion as a main source for freedom.

Kingnaldo has worked in different projects, raging from Metal, Hard, Pop and Alternative Rock to Hip Hop and R&B. This vast music experience has led him to be a master in writing, composing, arranging and producing his own music. In 2006 Kingnaldo decided to start composing his debut album "Organic Antidote". Kingnaldo quotes; "Organic Antidote is my first album, I have made a pact with nature, this is a musical statement of my commitment, a way of expressing what I feel and how I live, is for everyone that feels uncomfortable with today's system."

Since 2009 Kingnaldo has been touring nationwide in more than 30 cities in US and Puerto Rico promoting his albums with great success with coverage from the most important media outlets such as Billboard, MSN, AOL, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Terra, Batanga, Galavision, Mega TV, just to mention a few. Kingnaldo has also accomplished radio play in many cities in US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, San Salvador, Costa Rica, Argentina and Italy among others. Kingnaldo has a strong online presence with over 90,000 online friends throughout his social networks. Kingnaldo has shared stage with Puerto Rico’s biggest bands such as "Puya", "Cultura Profética" & "Circo" among others.

In October 16, 2010 Kingnaldo released his second self produced EP “Combustion” digitally. Kingnaldo is currently promoting Combustion, the official release party was held at Hard Rock Café in San Juan, PR.

Kingnaldo has 3 CD releases in 2012. “Combustion” LP with 5 more songs, digital and physical (Releases 02/21/12). “Habitual” LP, all Spanish digital and physical (Releases 04/17/12) & “Memorandum 2012”, recorded at Lavish Studios (Scott Weiland Studios) with Producer Doug Grean Gean (Credits: Slash, Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper, Scott Weiland, Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots and Tim McGraw among others), digital and physical (Releases 08/21/12).




In his first album, Organic Antidote (2009), the musician calls in the raw sounds of grunge, echoes of psychedelic-gothic-metal in 14 bilingual tracks in which he creates a wild mix of sounds with a powerful drum and bass guitar very much like the style of the British hard rock groups of the 70s like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin with some interspersed acoustic guitars.
By David Dorante


Organic Antidote LP (Released 03/06/09)
Combustion EP (Released 10/16/10)
Combustion LP (Released 02/21/12)
Memorandum LP (Released 09/22/14)

Set List

Set Time: 30 - 45 minutes