King Niko

King Niko


King Niko is a hot young band committed to making girls dance. King Niko music is smart, hot, dirty and a lot of fun. Some things are meant to be. King Niko is meant to be played on pop radio and seen on posters above girls' beds. Watch out.


King Niko was spawned in April of 2009 with the one goal: make chicks dance. King Niko music is smart, hip and totally sexy. Drawing from the catchy good times of classic acts like The Rolling Stones and The Cars, King Niko updates their sound with a touch of hip hop sensibility and rhythm. King Niko has been described as fresh, new and above all fun. We're here to stay, get on board.


Gorgeous and Gory EP featuring the hit single "Katrina Sleepover," X96 xposed winner for a record 9 days in a row, and 17 nights total.

Set List

Survival, Tippy Toes, Wildfire, Mr. Hyde, Sit Back, French Accent, Casualty, Soul Sister, Katrina Sleepover, Long Time Coming. Typical set is approximately 45 minutes