Brooklyn, New York, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

One man band. Played the piano for 18 years. Started composing at a young age. In 2005 started pushing hard with my musical talent . I started to engineer/compose/arrange/song-write/produce. I make positive music with positive vibrations to make a change. Ive been in multiple studios from Nyc to Nj. I have learned from the best of the best. I take the experiences I have learned, incorporate what I was born with, and Produce form the Soul.


I love music in every way, aspect, shape, and form. I mastered the piano so producing is like breathing to me. Music controls the airwaves. I am basically a walking label. I dont just make beats , or rap , or engineer, I make music from the soul.


Story Book- KingofZuluEnt

Story book is my first single and is gonna be aired on alongside Krs One Temple of HOp Hip. I booked the gig on here so big ups to sonicbids.

I had allot of my instrumentals streaming on jangoairplay. The demand was so high for my music that my credits were finished within a week and a few days.