King Orchid

King Orchid


King Orchid is a dynamic, bombastic rock based guitar and drum duo. Our music wanders from experimental instrumental pieces to groove and riff based lyric driven songs.


King Orchid is a Boston-based guitar and drum duo. They are comprised of Doug Wartman on Guitar and Vocals, and Zack Fierman on Drums, Keys, Samples and Vocals. After Zack heard Doug’s solo acoustic guitar pieces on the internet, he immediately approached him about making some noise together. The result was much louder than both parties expected, and driven by a very intense and magnetic musical chemistry. The newly formed 2-piece began transforming Doug’s solo acoustic pieces into a much more ferocious, dynamic and bombastic sonic experience. With more material starting to take shape, King Orchid new that playing their songs live needed to be an honest and emotional experience not only for themselves, but for the audience as well.
Seeing King Orchid live is a very different concert experience than most bands. Audience members have been known to silently stare with their mouths open or uncontrollably shake due to the uncommon sounds attacking their ears. Listeners frequently comment on the connection they feel with the duos constant and focused attention to each other while performing their music. King Orchid has two goals: To push and progress the art form of music, and to play what makes them happy.


Streaming Singles:
What I Would Listen to if I Were a Bat
Trigger Finger

Set List

This is Gonna Hurt
Trigger Finger
I Sound Much Better in the Sun
Hot and Bothered
What I Would Listen to if I Were a Bat
Set Length: 45mins

White Stripes: 7 Nation Army
The Black Keys: I Got Mine
The Black Keys: Breaks
Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away