KingPen Entertainment

KingPen Entertainment

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A group of guys from the dirty dirty promoting Hip Hop the way it is supposed to be; no profanity, non violent, and does not degrade women. They have a unique sound with their twist on hip hop. There is sure to be something for people of all ages.


KingPen Entertainment is a group of young men that met in Valdosta, Ga. They instantly clicked and knew that they should be making music together.
Southside is originally from the Midwest and had relocated to the south a few years prior. Southside has been writing, recording and performing for over thirteen years. A founding member of Poetic Magic, a community based poetry group that has an active youth group.
TeeBdolo is originally from Virginia. Having family in the Valdosta area caused him to decide to move there in 2003. Music has always been a part of his life.
DJ Sound Felon is originally from Valdosta GA. So when he met up with TeeBdolo and Southside they were able to combine their diverse backgrounds to create a unique sound that is all their own. It is a twist on Hip Hop and R&B with original beats and lyrics.
The group has been featured multiple times on “Lick it or Kick it”, Valdosta’s hottest station’s (96.7FM) competition and is requested daily by the station’s listening audience. They have also performed at the following venues: Speak Easy Jazz Lounge, Southside Recreation Center, Mildred Hunter Center, and the China Doll Lounge.


Uncontradictable 2001
multiple Poetic magic CD's 2002- 2004
Street Heat 1-12- 2003-2004
KPE 2005
PJ1 2006
KingPen Entertainment 2007
-All tracks on the Radio
Available for sale on myspace
Available for streaming

Set List

Very versitile, it varies due to the audience (age) and time slotted