King Pignacious

King Pignacious

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Pig Band is influenced by the legendary folklore and the chilling accounts of "The Great Pig War". The tragic tale of societal degradation and downfall is told through the art forms of Punk, Reggae, and science Jazz.


A modern day rock opera.

Year and date unknown. The human experience has come to have been defined by the relationship between happiness and health. This relationship in no longer dictated by the individual, but by the employer. Humans are slaves to their jobs because happiness can not be achieved without health. Health is an industry run by a psychic named Zijksana. Can humans be liberated by King Pignacious and his revolutionary swine? Nobody expected what was about to take place…….

King Pignacious is a band of multi-instrumentalists who tell this tale through song, images and occasional narration. Our instrumentation is augmented by theramin, bicycle wheel and weather radio.

Set List

Ideal set list is an hour and a half and includes all the songs from "King Pignacious: A Swine's Rise to Power," a modern day rock opera.

The Debate
The King
Princess Hamhock
The Psychic Song
Reggae Rufus
The Attack
The Spy Song
Love Song