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- e.p. one (Fall 06)-this is our demo and first release
- KingRat Ep(Febuary 07)- this EP is an improved and extended version of the 1st. It functions as a better demo. Tracks from this CD and others are available on our MySpace profile-
-KingRat's Golden Melodica Melodies (May 07)- This CD includes our favorites remixed to emphasize our keyed instruments (Rhodes, Melodica, Keyboard, etc.)
-KingRat LP!- (Nov. 07) Our first full length album. It includes 4 originals, each with their own version, for a grand total of 8 tracks.



KingRat strives to play live dub reggae for Atlanta and the world. Dub is a great form of music that is often heard around the city playing in bars, clubs, or on college radio, but it is rarely being played by a live band or further yet being dubbed live. In a city like Atlanta with such an active hip hop and reggae club scene, and dance clubs in general, it is very common to see DJ's spinning and mixing other artists' vinyl, but KingRat wanted to take it back a level and actually play and mix the reggae in front of the peoples' faces. Dub is the original format for electronica and hip hop, it is the first 20th century popular music form to put a focus on the technology of sound production: it is the original remix. The band feels it deserves more acknowledgement as a cornerstone of hip hop and club reggae and feel it is still a viable form of dance music and dually a vehicle for serious improvisation and exploration of musical tradition, holding a position similar to Jazz in the last century; a dance music and a music of the greatest harmonic and melodic seriousness.

The band welcomes several recurring guests, inviting an eclectic collection of instruments to their sound.