King Rat

King Rat

 Denver, Colorado, USA

King Rat is a loud fast melodic punch in the mug for a sonic knockout. A bare-knuckle brawl of integrity vs. lies, love vs. fear and thirst vs. beer. Introspection, frustration, courage, defiance and swagger are condensed into a fast-pitched wrecking ball flung with a sneer at all who can hear.


King Rat was formed in the basement of a music store / head shop in the summer of 1995 by Luke Schmaltz. Sixteen years, seven records and a slew of tours later and they are rocking with more pungence than ever. Their latest album "Everything Burns" was released on April 2nd of 2010 on Denver's Fivecore Records. Their live show is the culmination of a decade and a half of relentless practice, gigging, songwriting, recording, breaking, healing and harsdcrabble tough-knock survival. They seamlessly link together and sling out 2 &1/2 minute riff heavy anthemic tirades of venomous melodic rancor for an hour straight - sometimes two. They don't need a light show. They don't use fancy pedals or effects. No stage props (doucheboxes). No apology. The music grabs you by the ears and rattles your bones reminding you that life is short, brutal and beautiful and you are the keeper of timepiece, wielder of battle axe and beholder of glory.

King Rat careens into 2011 with an upcoming western US mini tour and a brand new EP entitled "Sacred Things" that will be released on vinyl with an accompanying free digital download. Samples of the brand new songs(as in first week of April, 2011) can be heard in this EPK! The featured tune is the apty name love song Fun to Fuck a Fuckup ... play it for your sweetheart!


To Rock Is My Role

Written By: Luke Schmaltz

Can't force a smile and walk a mile in your shoes, can't hang myself with the blue collar noose
Breaking my way back ou of the blues banking on coming back and paying more dues

I know to rock is my role, I ain't selling my soul, diamonds from coal
If there's one thing I know ...

Can't sell my mind to the media machine, got two ears and all the grey in between
Can't change into who you want me to be, I aint one of you I'm one of me


Written By: Luke Schmaltz

All aound are dying livid faces without homes, the bear has begun crying choking on the bones
They can not sell me what I will not buy, I can not choke if I'm flat fucking broke no
The monkeys are at dinner they throw food against the wall screaming we're all sinners but I ignore the call
The cart before the whore they lead us to our death
But I'll even the score when I own my last breath

The good dream is gone wave goodbye say so long, it's 1975 ('85, '95, '05) the lie is still alive
I find myself in a way to survive
I find myself in a way to survive

Fun To Fuck A Fuckup

Written By: Luke Schmaltz

She dials drunk and collects junk she's against the flow the other night she passed out in the snow
She drops the plates and slams the gate she dings the car she got us kicked out of my favorite bar
I decided to aim my tastes in a differerent direction cuz there's nothing so boring as perfection
That's why it's fun to fuck a fuckup
not one who's all stuck up
I'm a fuckup and I want to fuck you
It's fun to fuck a fuckup
not an ass kissing suckup
and if you can't dig it man fuck you

She loses keys and bruises knees she rips the rails
she stopped the cops from taking me to jail
she likes to spit and talk a lot of shit
we're quite a pair
she fell on her face while running down the stairs

She leaves me parking late fees now I owe
so they put the goddamn boot on me
she breaks the rules of acting cool
she don't care if they say that she don't fight fair


1995 - The Towne Liar
1998 - Knockin' Up Heaven's Whore
2000 - Big Plans
2002 - Beautiful Songs for Ugly Children
2005 - Duct Tape and Dreams
2010 - Everything Burns
2011 - Sacred Things

Brand new freshly mixed and as of yet unmastered tracks from the above mentioned Sacred Things recording can be heard in this EPK. The fetured title is the aptly named love song Fun to Fuck a Fuckup ...

Songs from Duct Tape and Dreams can be heard at

Set List

we have seven records of music ... too many songs to list here, however a set usually consists of anywhere from 16 to 25 songs. It depends on how much time the specific gig requires of us. We sometimes do a full night show (three 45 minute sets). No covers. 65 original songs in our repertoire.