King Ray

King Ray

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Hip Hop at its finest!!!! King Ray is the Future!!One of the best up & coming artists in Hip Hop!!! We will let the rhymes and the tracks speak for itself!!!



In the 80's rap artist were claiming to be the kings of rock. In the late 90's rap artist were fighting for the title of The King of New York. Now in the new millennium there is a new king in town looking to rule in the hip hop/rap game. This king goes by the name King Ray. As CEO of Detroit based Thinker's Lab Recording Studio, Ray is no stranger to giving directives and acting as a true leader. Now King Ray is ready to give new direction to the rap game and lead it in the right direction.

Thinker's Lab recording Studio
21700 Greenfield Rd, Suite LL34
Oak Park, MI 48237


King Ray - The Leakout (2005)

Set List

Set list varies depending on time limit. Sets usually range from 15-45mins. We try to do something different everytime. But all sets usually include:

-The Best
-Im a G
-My City