King Rey

King Rey

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Digested traditions from 50s R&B to 70s Disco and everything in between offer a familiar sensation instead of a recognizable comparison. King Rey's sonic coersion makes one feel as though the soul of the past is not lost but reincarnated.


King Rey is a five piece original band from New Orleans, LA. They spent the first year of their existence writing, playing shows, switching instruments, and converting their apartment into a make-shift studio space. The result was a 6 song EP called Street Friends. By 2011, King Rey had developed into a collective of musicians who were finally in a position to make the kind of music they had always wanted. King Rey paints their sound with primary colors, bending traditions and leaning on tropes. Every song is a collaborative effort, as each band member lends the song their own craft. The final product feels intentional and elegant, demanding attention while offering a familiar vulnerability.


Street Friends EP