King Richard

King Richard


King Richard plays a unique hybrid of Rock and Roll,Blues, Pop, and Southern Fried Rockabilly. with both Electrifying Rock and Roll, and solo acoustic performances from Richard.


Combine one part Rock, Two parts Roll, a cup of fun, and what do you get?
King Richard, a Rock and Roll guitarist and Four time winner of the ASCAP plus award for new original songwriters. King Richard performs in a Four Piece band as well as performing as a solo artist.
Richard plays a unique style of
Original Southern Rock music, that covers alot of musical territory
blues, pop, country, rock and roll, acoustic, and rockabilly


Tequilla Nights

Written By: Richard Doredant

From the dirty streets of th view carre
out to the shipyards of Mobile bay
I been working real hard for a day's pay
and theres got to be a better way

monday night i drink my beer
tuesday and wednesday disappear
thursday night i can guarantee
that by friday night , this is what i need

I need one of those Tequilla Nights
plenty to drink and no reason to fight
everything is gonna be alright
one of these tequilla nights

I dont need you're company, i don't need your sympathy, I don't need you to waste my time
all i need is this bottle and lime

(Chorus) I need one of those Tequilla nights etc...

So, I bought me a house out here in Slidell, from welding those boats where it's hotter than hell
after five days a week down in Avondale
I ain't got much to say


Richard has recently completed a CD of 15 new original Rock and Roll songs, scheduled for a fall 2004 release and titled "Tequilla Nights".
The Music was all recorded Live in one session working together with Producer, Mark Bingham at New Orleans Piety Street Studios( located in the Bywater)

Set List

typical set is 10-15 songs, it depends
in addition to all the original music
Richard covers many classic blues and rock and roll songs of the '50's,& '60's,