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Kings Cvstle

Walthamstow, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF | AFM

Walthamstow, England, United Kingdom | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Duo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"Trust Issues – [Kings Cvstle] x [The Aether]"

"I have become a huge fan of what The Aether has been doing all of 2019, so when I saw that he collaborated with Kings Cvstle I figured that he was about to introduce me to another great creative, and you bet that’s exactly what happened. These two complimented each other styles perfectly, if I had to guess I would say that I bet they have some more heat tucked away." - Lyrical Lemonade

"King’s Cvstle and Paradox Make A Statement with “F*** the System”"

King’s Cvstle are back with a new release, controversial as ever but as always they’ve provided us with some thought provoking music. This time they’ve collaborated with Paradox, a growing name in London’s hip-hop music scene.

This distinctly poignant and powerful new single, aptly titled ‘Fuck The System’, drives with simplicity and grit intertwined. It offers only the most hard-hitting and revealing bars, alongside the quickly memorable nature of a fierce yet cleverly unadorned musical backdrop. Achieving over 4K streams in it’s first 2 weeks of release, the highly anticipated music video, debuting with the London Based Record Label & Music Platform Loudhouse on 01/09/20, is set to receive the respect it deserves.

The self-produced single, crafted by Kings Cvstle’s own Daniel King, is the duo’s first collaborative project with another rapper. Their innate passion for precision and intention selects only the finest bars and beats to release, and this single speaks volumes on behalf of the dedication, talent and drive that Paradox was able to pair with the duo’s own.

Driving with a simple yet striking soundscape, a minimalist and mellow yet dark set-up, the single instantly draws your focus towards the vocals – the lyrics, the passion and angst at the heart of the performances. Detailing the tumultuous journey of life itself, as well as the struggle to build a career in music, the track proves increasingly relevant as it makes its way through a near four-minute lifespan. In every case, the detail and intensity presented by each rapper during the verses, is resolved effortlessly with the outcry and rejection of leadership in a gripping yet simplistic hook.

Vocalised by both artists, the hook displays solidarity in the face of adversity, being reintroduced just enough times to swiftly become the anthem that 2020 needs. It’s addictive rhythm yet simplistic rhyme scheme contrasts smartly with the story-telling and performative freedom found elsewhere in the track, resulting in a moment that categorically seeks to bring music fans together to share in the sentiment.

Combine these qualities with an equally simple, dark yet pristinely captured visual story-line, which details the increasingly tumultuous nature of modern life and the traumatic realities that take place on our very streets, and the whole thing screams inequality, rebellion, and motivation all at once. The intensity rises throughout, and the release proves increasingly engaging in the process.

Without a doubt, as and when the live scene returns, both Kings Cvstle and Paradox will be at forefront of the UK’s sharpest hip hop events, and this single, being quite possibly their most concise and recognisable, will capture the crowd’s attention with ease. - Culture Statements

"Kings Cvstle - Cold Place"

"The spacious nature of the music, the up-front presentation of such a clear-cut and clean vocal, feels reminiscent of UK rap legends from yesteryear. There’s nothing to hide behind, because there’s no hiding necessary. The flow and the intellect stand tall, and Kings Cvstle showcases a natural connection to the rhythm and the concept, willingly losing himself within the performance; so that you can do the same. Superb." - Stereo Stickman

"Kings Cvstle - Grateful"

"Having spent 5 months out in professional development, melancholic conscious UK rapper Kings Cvstle is back with fresh insights on ‘Grateful’. It is the follow up to 9 prior releases since 2018 and 6 accompanying videos. Jazz Hop Cafe Records release ‘Just Friends’ has amassed over 13K views on Youtube and more than 20K streams on Spotify." - The Pit London

""Cold Place" a Statement by Kings Cvstle"

"Kings Cvstle opens our eyes to the realities of our modern day society using poetic words with a delivery that makes you feel the power of this music. Rappers like this and music of this nature are gems that are difficult to find, they should be appreciated. Kings Cvstle explores politics, monarchy, racism and a range of other thought provoking topics people may like to ignore but are real issues in our day to day lives. This is one of the realest UK artists about today, staying true to his character..." - Culture Statements


'F.T.S' - Single - August 2020

'Get High' - Single - December 2019

'Cold Place' - Single - October 2019 

'Trust Issues' - Single - September 2019

'Grateful' - Single - August 2019

'Reminiscing' - Single - February 2019

'Lofi Steez' - Single - January 2019

'Just Friends' - Single - December 2018

'Stay With You' - Single - October 2018

'Death Wish' - Single - July 208

'Show Thanks' - Single - May 2018

'Smooth Sailing' - Single - March 2018

'Never the right One' - Single - February 2018



The unmistakable Kings Cvstle have spent the last couple of years pushing their creativity above and beyond its limits. Offering a uniquely melancholic and notably conscious style of music, which connects on a deeply human level, the duo drive with a fine balance between professionalism and artistic intent. 

Following a five month break for professional development, this season welcomes an array of new releases that build even further on their impressive and ever-insightful style. 

Born and raised in London, twin bothers Peter and Daniel King have a united background that stands tall throughout their creative process. Their music speaks to the working class and socially concerned alike, bringing indie hip hop back towards the mainstream with unwavering relevance. With over 83k views on Youtube and 121k streams on Spotify, this is a journey well worth tuning in for.

From the darkness and shock-factor of ‘Death Wish’, to the newly released and outright politically infused ‘F.T.S’, Kings Cvstle are consistently at the top of their game. While in the past Daniel King has been a crucial behind-the-scenes figure for the project – working as an engineer and producer, being quietly present at every live show – these latest releases are the first to see him step up to the stage and offer a verse and vocal style; which prove equally impressive, and brilliantly in keeping with the inherent mood and recognisable tone of the music. 

Fusing skilful, long-form bars with a uniquely characterful performance style, and a series of creatively ambient soundscapes, the duo have undoubtedly found their way with individuality, talent and professionalism combined. 

Having featured in the likes of Lyricial Lemonade, Link Up TV, Jazz Hop Cafe Records, Loudhouse, Root 73 and Chill Select, Kings Cvstle have found themselves gracing renowned stages across London – from the infamous Cargo to Box Park Croydon. Intent on hard work and dedication, they’re keenly planning a headline show to coincide with the 2021 release of a highly anticipated Album. This will effectively kick off a whole new chapter of the Kings Cvstle legacy and after selling out their last headline show, will be a night to remember. 

Taking the scene by storm, and rightfully showing no signs of slowing down, Kings Cvstle tackle the social and political topics of our time, whilst remaining open and honest emotionally. There’s a unique poignancy to their work, and as ‘F.T.S’ makes waves across the web, amidst vast uncertainty in the UK, Kings Cvstle remain at the forefront of relevant artistic expression. 2020 is undoubtedly set to be a break-out year.

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