King Salami & The Cumberland Three

King Salami & The Cumberland Three


Wild, Ass-shakin' Rhythm'n'Blues with a punk edge


Formed in London in 2007 by four foreigners, part of the 60's garage movement. Sounds like Screaming Jay Hawkins fronting The Sonics. Have played several festivals in Europe, Italy. Four 7" 45's released by 2009, album recorded & ready to be released by Dirty Water records, Easter 2010. "You Can't Sit Down !"


Downloads at iTunes -

- Wigs Wigs Wigs / Cotton Pickin' 7"
available from

- Sock it to Me Santa / Black Santa 7"
- Do The Wurst / Funky Walk 7"
both available from

- Shake It Wild / She's a Kukumunga 7"
(with King Salami chopping board !)
available from

- Do The Wurst, Shake It Wild PLUS two tracks unreleased anywhere else (Yes Yes Baby, La Marabunta) on the Soundflat Ballroom Bash Vol. 3 CD compilation...

- Mojo Workout 7" EP;
Rootie Tootie Baby, Uprising, Mojo Workout, Bird Dog
(out of print)

Set List

Minimum 30 minutes, maximum 1 1/2 hours. usually 45 minutes - 1 hour.