Kingsauce combines elements of mid 60's pop, 70's AM radio, and vaudeville music, with silly tounge in cheek lyrcis ala Allan Sherman. Picture the Raspberries meet Weird Al and you'll get the idea!


Kingsauce are an Elephant 6 based "novelty-pop" project from the NYC area, From 1994-1999, leader Richie Chodes played bass and keyboards for the obscure "Vince Mole and his Calcium Orchestra" with Apples in Stereo founder and childhood pal Chris Parfitt. Richie started to record simultaneously in 1999 as "Kingsauce", starting with a 7" vinyl EP on "Happy Happy Birthday to me" records. This was a lo-fi record consisiting of 3 songs. In May 2000, they released a 7" split single with the Plastic Mastery on the rare British "Obtuse" record label. Then, in August 2002, Kingsauce released their first full length cd on HHBTM records. After a change of labels, they released a 2nd full length cd "Cancelled" 5 years later in August 2007 on Little Pocket records.Their last release was "Chanukah Blues", a 4 song EP which was also released on Little Pocket records.

The music of Kingsauce draws from several influences but mainly 60's/70's pop/power pop, 70's AM radio friendliness, with a touch of 30's era vaudeville, often accentuated by jaunty piano. The lyrics are usully silly and tounge in cheek inspired by Randy Newman, Allan Sherman,etc..Kingsauce often tend to write alot about 70's pop culture, specifically forgotten 70's tv show and actors/characters from that time ("Hey Mr Kotter", "Jackie Earle Haley", "Hamburglar was a rebel", etc). They are hoping to start playing out live again in the spring of 2011.


"Chanukah Blues"

Written By: Kingsauce

I lit the candles tonight but I'm feeling so let down
you see its Chanukah time again and I'm the only Jew in town
I'll spin some dreidels, eat some latkes, and all that stuff
but fried up spuds, spinning tops, and melted wax just ain't enough!

Chorus:I got the Chanukah Blues
Santa knows I'm one of the Jews
cause he don't come down my chimney
Christ he don't even know me
I'd like to convert for just a day
just to see what St Nicholas would say
Oy Vey.... Oy Vey

I had enough of Frosty, Rudolph, and all that Rankin Bass
I'd like to take a star of David and shove it up their ass
I want a tree, some mistletoe, and fancy toys
and get a tattoo, a pickup truck, so I could be like like all those goys!



1. Ode to Lobo - December 1999 -7" vinyl EP on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records

2. Split single on Obtuse Records - May 2000

3. Please don't change the channel - August 2002 - full length CD release on HHBTM Records

4."Cancelled" August 2007 -Full length CD on Little Pocket Records
5."Chanukah Blues" December 2008 -EP on Little Pocket Records.

Set List

1. Officer Friendly
2. Willy Whistle
3. Gumdrops
4. Shut up
5. Please dont change the channel
6. Psoriasis
7. Ballad of Ernie and Bert
8. Playing in a Beatle cover band
9. Prozac with Sugar Smacks
10. Our Gang
11. Grandma
12. Lollipops in my mind
13. Yearbook
14. i wish you were dead
15. Atomic Wedgie

1. Chanukah Blues
2. Cant stop loving you (Rich's song)