Kings Destroy

Kings Destroy

 New York City, New York, USA

Slow and heavy with massively distorted riffs coupled with an unusually clean vocal style, Kings Destroy deliver a pulverizing sound with intelligent lyrics on a wide variety of topics such as corruption, science fiction and woe. The band stretches across multiple genres and will not labeled.


Hailing from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, This thundering unit, which creates a powerful mix of Stoner rock,doom and NYHC once described as "a less sprawling Yob meeting a steroid pumped classic Black Sabbath head on" Kings Destroy combines powerful riffs and powerful lyrics with a strong interest in futuristic ideas and science fiction.
Kings Destroy also sponsors an AAU basketball team called the Onpoint Cyclones and donates a portion of all show and merch proceeds to the team.
Members of the band were in NYHC legends Killing Time and Uppercut.


Planet XXY

Written By: Kings Destroy

Lots of probes being sent into space no word on why, surely those scientists can see planet XXY. so why do they not see, and whatever is their secret. They came around my house and they told me to tell noone, 2000 will live and the rest will surely perish.
Lots of goals were not met before we could not breathe air, surely those who are in charge should be forced to remain here.
I know I know I know and only 2000 more like me will know.


7 inch selftitled May 2010
LP And The Rest Will Surely Perish Nov 2010

Set List

The Mountie
The Whittler
Planet XXY
Dusty Mummy
Old Yeller