Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Working from a wide array of musical tastes and eclectic influence, "Kingsdown" creates their own personal style of rock n roll, utilizing powerful rock vocals and driving melodic music, all with a healthy dose of piano and other keyboard derived sounds. Live deep, love deeper.


“Kingsdown” is a group of six friends that first began playing together in late 2002. Within 6 months a century old Arkansas train station had become the weekend hot spot for local concert goers. Small crowds soon grew into a packed house, and “The Depot” became a place where friendships were born, joy was rampant, and people were impacted for the better.

In 2004, things took an upward swing. With the launch of their first radio single, “Kingsdown” hit the road for the first time to cover some 30+ states while promoting “Dearest Nameless”, garnering a top 20 chart position in July of that year. This unassuming band from Arkansas had something important to share, and people were taking notice. By 2005 “The Scenario We Know So Well” released to increased enthusiasm, as the band continued touring the United States and expanding their fan base world-wide through various online venues.

In the most recent chapter of their story, the band mixes cues from the glory days of rock-n-roll with their own distinct sound and style to create a new breed of energetic and lively songs that are just as much at home in a backyard party as in a sold out arena. The live show is an energy packed production drawing crowds to experience life in a refreshing and exciting way. Catchy vocals, solid rhythm, and soaring leads are laced with piano and a variety of other electronic sounds. " A large part of our inspiration comes from great times had with friends and many beautiful mornings, days and nights spent with people we love. That is a side of God people forget to talk about." Lead singer, Dwain Roark (Abbey) says he gets a significant amount of inspiration from traveling as he has traveled in The United States, England, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland Canada and most recently Costa Rica as well as trips to the Pacific Northwest and India he took with guitarist, James Watts. “If people don’t leave one of our shows feeling that they are loved, and that there is much more to life than jobs, trying to get by, and typical life worries, then we haven’t fulfilled our duty to them.” note band members.

With a solidly expanding U.S. fan base, as well as notable exposure in several overseas markets, “Kingsdown” has made an enduring impression in their short history. A knack for making their own way constantly opens doors for more radio singles, larger tours, and increased reach for their message. If you haven’t caught this live show before, mark it down on your list.


Callin Everybody

Written By: kingsdown

Callin everybody step in the lights
and show a little love if you feel alright
shake a little more every boy grab a girl
and we'll take on the world

Hot Shot, step it up, tell us when you've had oh when you've had enough and we'll be sure to crank it up oh oh oh oh oh oh
Sweetheart step it up, tell us who you are we'll tell you who you're not
you're not just some pretty cameo ya better know

Be the words that write the stories you will live to tell your children

Chorus: Callin everybody, step in the lights and show a little love if you feel alright. Shake a little more every boy grab a girl and we'll take on the world

Move close, close to me, move it to the music come on move it with me and let's love love, love to be come on believe in me. Drop your heads, lift your hands, feel the summer nights gather all your friends and scream three words, Do Your Worst
oh oh oh oh oh oh

God is in the heart of our dancing, so find existence in the deeper part of simplicity




Kingsdown 2010

1. Callin' Everybody
2. Six Gun Cinderella
3. Electric Ladyland
4. Degeneration
5. Is It Any Wonder
6. Welcome To The Show
7. With Love And Squalor
8. Transatlantic Serenade
9. Oh, To Be Lovely
10. Something Nice Back Home
11. Dialogue Of The Deity And Likewise Pt. II

Set List

Typical set list runs 40-45 minutes, with all songs being original material.