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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kingsdown at Cornerstone 2005"

After Skillet, Jordan and I regretted missing the rest of The Showdown's set, and it only got worse when Calista Turner and Amanda Heath came running back to the campsite, ranting and raving about this band they had seen on one of the teeny tiny stages. Kingsdown was the name of the band. We put in their EP, and immediately I wanted to find the band and purchase a copy. Emotion-laced, piano-lead emocore. It's better than almost everything out there, I guarantee you. I strongly suggest everyone look into them. One day they'll be big. The funniest part was the fact that they screamed, but Amanda and Calista (advocates against most all screaming) did not care. They, in fact, defended it! "He put so much emotion into his performance," they said of the lead singer. We walked all the way to the other end of the festival grounds to find one of the band members, from whom I purchased their EP.

-Josh Taylor
Jesus Freak Hideout - Josh Taylor of Jesus Freak Hideout

"Top 100 Songs of the Year"

Kingsdown's single, Dearest Nameless, was ranked #51 on's Top 100 Songs of 2004. -

"The Edge Reviews Moments to Monuments"

There always seems to be room for one more in the pot of up and coming fresh young rock bands. The latest edition is Kingsdown, a group of guys out of Arkansas who mix it up with strained rock vocals interjected with screamo outbursts, acoustic ballads and guitar-driven punk, all in the same song. This blend of styles does well to offer variety, with the risk of sounding cluttered, an approach that has risen in popularity courtesy of bands such as Underoath. Yet while Underoath takes the mellower commercial aspect to the harmonic radio-ready extreme before ripping it up with hardcore screamo (combination of emo and hardcore punk screams), Kingsdown’s melodic mainstay of pop-rock has an edgier punk presence. This serves to give the material an overall rough feel yet makes the presence of screaming interjections less noticeable. The smoothest of transitions if the first single ‘Dearest Nameless’, with its piano ballad providing an undercurrent for the hard hitting rock chorus tinged with screamed backup vocals. The 6-song EP actually serves two purposes, delivering a 4-song debut and acting as a radio servicing disc for various formats. There is little variance between the three mixes of the single, except the chr mix is sans screamo and the ep mix adds some layering of sounds. Listening to the EP start to finish a few times tends to make the song wear a bit thin after a while. The CD is like many first offerings out now by the likes of Canadian rockers One Cross or Kansas-based Undercover. The sound is rough with room to grow and provides a brief glimpse into their world of youthful pop-punk rock. Like taking a chance on an Initial Public Offering of a promising stock, “Moments to Monuments” will become a benchmark for a tight, solid sound under the right production guidance. -- Chad -- The Edge On-Line

--Appeared on - Fall 2004 - The Edge Radio

"HM Magazine Live Report"

HM Magazine July August Issue 2006 - Live Report - Page 19

"Kingsdown was hot. At one point, I was almost feeling like the lead singer would jump off the stage and kick my butt into next week. He's an engaging and good performer, to be sure. Their last song was very intense and dramatic, with swells between shouts of desperation and drum beat breaks."

-Doug Van Pelt

- HM Magazine


Kingsdown 2010

1. Callin' Everybody
2. Six Gun Cinderella
3. Electric Ladyland
4. Degeneration
5. Is It Any Wonder
6. Welcome To The Show
7. With Love And Squalor
8. Transatlantic Serenade
9. Oh, To Be Lovely
10. Something Nice Back Home
11. Dialogue Of The Deity And Likewise Pt. II



“Kingsdown” is a group of six friends that first began playing together in late 2002. Within 6 months a century old Arkansas train station had become the weekend hot spot for local concert goers. Small crowds soon grew into a packed house, and “The Depot” became a place where friendships were born, joy was rampant, and people were impacted for the better.

In 2004, things took an upward swing. With the launch of their first radio single, “Kingsdown” hit the road for the first time to cover some 30+ states while promoting “Dearest Nameless”, garnering a top 20 chart position in July of that year. This unassuming band from Arkansas had something important to share, and people were taking notice. By 2005 “The Scenario We Know So Well” released to increased enthusiasm, as the band continued touring the United States and expanding their fan base world-wide through various online venues.

In the most recent chapter of their story, the band mixes cues from the glory days of rock-n-roll with their own distinct sound and style to create a new breed of energetic and lively songs that are just as much at home in a backyard party as in a sold out arena. The live show is an energy packed production drawing crowds to experience life in a refreshing and exciting way. Catchy vocals, solid rhythm, and soaring leads are laced with piano and a variety of other electronic sounds. " A large part of our inspiration comes from great times had with friends and many beautiful mornings, days and nights spent with people we love. That is a side of God people forget to talk about." Lead singer, Dwain Roark (Abbey) says he gets a significant amount of inspiration from traveling as he has traveled in The United States, England, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland Canada and most recently Costa Rica as well as trips to the Pacific Northwest and India he took with guitarist, James Watts. “If people don’t leave one of our shows feeling that they are loved, and that there is much more to life than jobs, trying to get by, and typical life worries, then we haven’t fulfilled our duty to them.” note band members.

With a solidly expanding U.S. fan base, as well as notable exposure in several overseas markets, “Kingsdown” has made an enduring impression in their short history. A knack for making their own way constantly opens doors for more radio singles, larger tours, and increased reach for their message. If you haven’t caught this live show before, mark it down on your list.