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Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Kingsfall Raises The Roof At The Whisky During Musexpo 2009"

MUSEXPO Los Angeles 2009:


Kingsfall Raises the Roof

Kicking off our evening’s entertainment at the Whisky is
Dallas-based quartet Kingsfall, who have already enjoyed quite a successful 2009, having emerged victorious in a pair of major music competitions this year. They bring some solid
rock right off the bat, eliciting whistles and shouts from the
crowd for their meticulous melodies and thunderous rhythm
section, all underscoring frontman Joshua Dufrene’s soaring
vocal lines and inspirational lyrical messages. The song
“Believe” was a particular standout, an autobiographical tale
of Dufrene’s about believing in achieving your goals in life;
the song had the Whisky audience mesmerized, swaying in
unison and paying rapt attention to the marvelous musicianship emanating from the stage. Though they sing the lyric “We
can’t predict the future,” allow us to engage in a bit of soothsaying: Kingsfall is a name you’ll want to remember!
- A&R Worldwide

"Kingfall's Star Shines Brighter"

Kingsfall - Burning Brighter Than Ever
Wednesday January 28, 2009
Do you remember Kingsfall, the new band that I introduced you to last October? Their rising star just keeps getting brighter and brighter!

Play Mayercraft 2 - The band is currently competing for the opportunity to play alongside of John Mayer on Mayercraft Carrier 2. Kingsfall is
beating out secular bands to lead the pack! Voting ends on January 31st, so be sure to go vote and show the world that a bunch of Christian guys
can beat out their secular counterparts.

Speaking of winning, after beating over 2,000 secular bands in the December FameCast stage last
month, Kingsfall has moved into the FameCast Finals, which kick off on February 1st. The winner gets $20,000 and the title of FameCast Fenom as well as opportunities to perform at Lollapalooza,The Austin City Limits Music Festival and much more.

But wait! There's more ...
Kingsfall has been selected to be featured in the Alternative Addiction Next Big Thing Feature,starting February 1st. If they win, they will be featured in March as the Indie Spotlight Band of the

On February 9th, a mere eight days later, the band will be featured on Channel One in their "Hearit Now" section. Since the Peabody Award-winning Channel One News is the leading source of news and information for young people with their news broadcasts being delivered daily to more
than 6 million teens in middle schools and high schools across the country, this is a huge deal.
Hats off to Kingsfall - they are truly making a wave and an even bigger impact on everyone who hears their music.

Image courtesy of: Kingsfall. Used by permissi - About

"Indie Find!"

One of the best parts of my job is to be able to "discover" new music and bands and then share them with you, my friends and readers. And while I normally don't introduce Indie Find's until Mondays, these guys are simply too good to wait the extra 4 days. Plus, this coming Saturday at midnight they will be appearing on the Daystar Network's show "Soundcheck," and you don't want to miss the chance to see them perform.

So, on that note, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Kingsfall...the next big thing to come out of Dallas, Texas.

Larry Leicht, Devin Dean, Daniel Lopez, and Joshua Dufrene share a vison of taking the music that stirs their hearts and souls to the masses, both in and out of the church. For them it's not just a job or even an adventure, it's a calling that they can't deny. They share their passion through their music and they strive to change lives, one heart at a time.

After getting a note from lead singer Josh Dufrene asking if I could recommend any booking agents, I checked out their MySpace page. I got interested during "Believe," got pumped with "Dream" and had become a fan by the time "All My Life" played. I just got the pleasure of getting to listen to a rough recording of a brand new song called "If Only" and I have no doubt at all that once they get it mixed, mastered and put up on their MySpace page, they'll probably clog the MySpace servers with listeners!

That song and this band it that good! Yep-Kingsfall is the kind of good that should have record labels fighting over them; the kind of good that took Switchfoot from being a popular band in San Diego to a household name all over the world.

Mark my words folks...Kingsfall is a name that you're going to hear a lot more of in the future. They've got it all...the talent, the drive, and most of all, the heart for ministry and a commitment to take God's music and message to the world. - (a NY Times Company)


Kingsfall -- a band of Texans with a whole lot of heart and an even stronger sound -- will make you believe that change is on the way with one simple play of their soon-to-be hit, "If Only." Or, if you are feeling a little aimless, "you must look to something bigger than yourself," which happens to be the message in their song "Love," a catchy melodic number with John Mayer radio play potential.

With Kingsfall's recent Famecast success where they beat 2,432 bands in a rock contest, and their current 99.96 Buzz Factor in the Play Mayercraft contest, where you can vote for them to win a gig with Mayer himself, this band will not be a secret for long. And, while there's the age old dream of becoming a rock star, few get the chance to be the kind of musician they want. That's not the case for the members of Kingsfall.

For Josh Dufrene, a "small town" guy who grew up in Carthage, Texas, it's not about the glitz and glamour. "I get tired of songs with no real purpose," he said about his desire to create music that "impacts life," rather than promotes mindless materialism. When he writes lyrics, he thinks: "How can I get the listener to feel what I'm feeling?"

In fact, this lead vocalist and guitarist shared a story about one listener in Fort Worth, Texas who was really feeling the music. As the band was leaving a coffee shop gig, Dufrene saw a 14-year-old girl who had been to multiple shows crying on the curb outside.

When he asked her what was wrong she said she was upset because she didn't have any money to buy their album. Though he didn't have any left, he pointed her towards bass player Larry Leicht. After she nearly gave Leicht a heart attack from banging on his car window, her eyes lit up with joy as she ran home with the free CD.

Maybe it's this type of Southern charm, or maybe they're just that good, but either way, this is band will uplift your mood and their rank on your most played list.

For more on Kingsfall, check out the photo gallery or their music video below.

—Christa Fletcher - Hear it Now- Channel One News


Debut CD: Kingsfall
Current Radio play: Love, Believe



“Kingsfall is the kind of good that should have record labels fighting over them; the kind of good that took Switch-foot from being a popular band in San Diego to a household name all over the world.” Kim Jones,, October 2008 When Larry Leicht (bass), Devin Dean (guitars/vocals), Daniel Lopez (drums), and Joshua Dufrene (guitars/vocals) came together in 2006 to form Kingsfall they all had one thing in common. They had all grown up in or around music for most of their lives. And it soon became clear that they all had a common vision of taking their unique sound to the masses. “We want to share positive moral values and ethics, impacting peoples lives and challenging their minds” lead singer Josh Dufrene says. “It’s important to us that we use our talents to spread a message of positive re-inforcement and shed some light that there is hope to people in today’s climate of brokenness”, adds drummer Daniel Lopez. And sharing what people need from the stage or the studio is what these guys do best. They spread a message of hope with tenacity and aggressiveness. Their self titled debut CD is receiving airplay and rave reviews from industry leaders, critics, manufacturer’s and fans alike. Based in Dallas, this exciting and energetic band with their own distinct sound has been compared to Mutemath, Coldplay,Third Eye Blind and Switchfoot, who they opened up for this past year at Baylor University. Other national acts that they have shared the stage with are The Afters, Sugarcult, and Love-drug. Add to that dozens of other shows including a international appear-ance in Mexico City. Kingsfall was also featured on the nationally televised show ‘Soundcheck’, this past October. The band has picked up endorsement deals with The Ernie Ball Company, Paiste Cymbals, and a major drum manufacturer to be announced soon. Without a doubt Kingsfall is one of the hottest emerging acts today as they continue their rise towards stardom.


"Kingsfall is the kind of good that should have record labels fighting over them; the kind of good that took Switchfoot from being a popular band in San Diego to a household name all over the world." Kim Jones,, October 2008

*Kingsfall is now endorsed by Dickies, Ernie Ball, Gibson, and Paiste.

*As a result of seeing Kingsfall perform in Austin during SXSW the band has been booked to play SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee on June 28th, 2009 at 5:30pm on The US Cellular Stage.

*Kingsfall was selected to perform at Musexpo 2009, The United Nations of Music and showcased at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go, in West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday April 29th, 2009.

*March 21st 2009 Kingsfall Plays Two Standing Room Only Showcases At Austin Festivals

**February 22nd 2009
Kingsfall named winners of The Famecast Winter Finals & become "Famecast Phenoms" and the $20,000 cash prize!

*Februay 21st 2009 Kingsfall Grand Prize Winners in Mike Pinder's "Band Wars"

*Kingsfall was featured on the Channel One Network the week of February 16, 2009. The broadcasts will reach over 6.5 million teens all over the US in 8,000 schools!

For information or booking contact:
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