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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"April 2004"

“Kingsfoil reminds me of the band Vain or The Doors. The music has that 70’s psychedelic rock feel to it, and the vocals of Jason Collins only add to that. The six songs are groove laden and offer promise in an otherwise stagnant local music scene. In other words, the sound of Kingsfoil is original. My band recently had the privilege of playing with Kingsfoil. These guys are good, and while the cd doesn’t capture the energy of their live show the cd is still worth picking up a copy.

-Aaron Harraman - Music Revue Magazine

"March 2004"

“From the borderline-psychedelic atmospheres of “Hi Flyer” to the killer-sweet Guns ‘N Roses-esque chorus riffs of “My Condition”, Kingsfoil aims to merge it’s members’ deep classic rock roots with the high energy groove-based music of more modern bands like I Mother Earth. Brave New World’s six tracks are uncommonly structured yet stylistically focused, displaying mature songwriting and well-developed musicianship. Check out Kingsfoil soon.”

-Cliff Frantz - Recoil Magazine

"Feb 2005"

...Kingsfoil's members describe their band's style as more alt-rock, with some classic rock influences. Guitarist Scott Rippey said he continues to be influenced by the music of Pearl Jam, while bassist Nate Vanderweele lists the Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Entwistle of The Who as influences. When the band members get together to write, everything just sort of meshes, and they wrestle with the result until they're happy. Rippey admitted he isn't even sure if they have a distinct sound yet, but that's why they record every practice in their studio for later listening. Band members also admit that at this point their act is not yet ready for label success, a fact by which they are not at all discouraged, because they are following a long-term plan.

Kingsfoil's lineup has changed quite a bit during the past year. Guitarist Chris Villarreal (formerly of Suckerpush) is new, as is Vanderweele. Before the changes, however, this was a band that was getting bites from Roadrunner Records, and regularly playing label showcases. Collins said he learned how to make their sound more accessible to labels, and often left encouraged by label representatives' comments. According to some label reps, Kingsfoil really didn't sound like anyone else – and that was a good thing.

"I think that's the one thing they kind of liked that they could hear in our music at the time," he said.

Kingsfoil's second recorded collection, Last Man Standing, will officially be released later this winter (visit their site at for more info), but band members said they aren't focusing on the record-making side of the business right now. Drummer Jacob Caleca said they want to start booking a lot more shows in the tri-state area in order to develop a fan base. It's a long-term commitment, but one each member feels they've made.

"[When it comes to] live rock and roll, there are no lies," Caleca said. "[When] you're in the studio, you can make any band sound like you want, but when you're up there on the stage… it's you and the crowd."...

- Recoil Magazine


EP "Brave New World" released 2004.
EP "Last Man Standing" released 2005.

Single "Eve" from the EP "Brave New World" played frequently on WGRD 97.9 (Local Grand Rapids Station)

Upcoming Full Length Album late 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you crave a fresh sound with an original message in a time of corporate-produced pop music, youve found it in Kingsfoil. In an industry where everyone claims to be original, Kingsfoil offers an honest rock performance with a demanding presence. A sound that sets itself apart from the rest and words that tie it all together. Not trying to blend in, but stand out. The band performs all original material with the occasional re-created cover, combining quality musicianship with thought-provoking lyrics.

The bands first EP Brave New World provided the foundation that created recognition and rave reviews from all over the Grand Rapids area. The first single Eve received frequent airplay on WGRD 97.9. After a year and a half, new members joined the band, but Kingsfoil remained true to its signature sound; pure, raw rock combined with poetic lyrics. In late 2005 the band quickly came out with their second EP, Last Man Standing, which was recorded at Mackinaw Harvest Music Studios with Michael Crittenden (Troll for Trout) as the producer/engineer. A.J. Dunning formerly of the Verve Pipe also lent his signature guitar sound to 3 of the 4 tracks on the album. The new EP promises to reach a wide audience and inspire new fans as the band works on a fresh start and a new tour schedule.

Kingsfoil is planning on recording their first full-length album in the fall of 2006, and with much of the new material already written, the guys are excited to get it out there. We feel that our music needs be heard by the masses and not just our little corner of the world.

"Never forgetting the music that made us and always looking for the music that will set us free..."