If you crave a fresh sound with an original message in a time of corporate-produced pop music, youve found it in Kingsfoil. In an industry where everyone claims to be original, Kingsfoil offers an honest rock performance with a demanding presence. A sound that sets itself apart from the rest and words that tie it all together. Not trying to blend in, but stand out. The band performs all original material with the occasional re-created cover, combining quality musicianship with thought-provoking lyrics.

The bands first EP Brave New World provided the foundation that created recognition and rave reviews from all over the Grand Rapids area. The first single Eve received frequent airplay on WGRD 97.9. After a year and a half, new members joined the band, but Kingsfoil remained true to its signature sound; pure, raw rock combined with poetic lyrics. In late 2005 the band quickly came out with their second EP, Last Man Standing, which was recorded at Mackinaw Harvest Music Studios with Michael Crittenden (Troll for Trout) as the producer/engineer. A.J. Dunning formerly of the Verve Pipe also lent his signature guitar sound to 3 of the 4 tracks on the album. The new EP promises to reach a wide audience and inspire new fans as the band works on a fresh start and a new tour schedule.

Kingsfoil is planning on recording their first full-length album in the fall of 2006, and with much of the new material already written, the guys are excited to get it out there. We feel that our music needs be heard by the masses and not just our little corner of the world.

"Never forgetting the music that made us and always looking for the music that will set us free..."



Music Man

Written By: Jason Collins

Just call me a man on a mission,
I'm on a mission to see
Trying to get something for nothing, what can I be?
I'd like to express my opinions,
maybe make myself heard
Surrounded by all you few people,
I've worked up my nerve

I'm loving, I'm leaving, I'm going away
Hang on that moment forever
...remember today
It's hurting, Its bleeding, but soon it will heal
Your never alone, everyone feels...

It's hard to say what moves me,
makes my clock tick
I'm tired of people complying,
it makes my heart sick
Too many times, not enough,
words could even save me
Or buy me more time,
to make them all see...

It may be background to some,
for some its too loud
I just deliver the words,
like rain from a cloud
A message imparted,
to spark up a flame
You feel youve met me before,
but don't name..

What's the Point

Written By: Jason Collins

Everybody's got their problems
I'm not trying to solve them
Just want to shine a light in
You've seen your better days
Dont let it change the way
You carry yourself into the wind

What's the point in trying to explain
What's the use in staying the same
Who do we turn and look to next?
What's been going wrong
What the hell is going on
Why's it always seem to go this way (end this way)

Our stories are ever changing
We're constantly rearranging
Who we are and where were coming from
We've all seen our ups and downs
Had our shares of smiles and frowns
Just remember anything can happen


Written By: Jason Collins

I might be the life of the party,
but I'm alone the rest of the night
I was once in the spotlight,
and now my light don't shine so bright...
Grasping at thin air,
no one seems to care
I've seen both sides of the coin,
and I'd rather be up here..

It's alright....yes its ok
I might not win the battle,
but the war someday
I'll be fine...and I must say
It's not how you figure it out
Make your way...

I would like to pass this on,
just take it away from me
You never can understand,
until you've seen their cruelty
A lot of weight to bear,
many dreams to share
But putting in their language,
is the part that isn't fair...

So before you take that plunge,
before put your soul out there on the line
Why don't you take into consideration,
those buckets of sweat and the passing of time
I've found it isn't easy,
no room for the weak
But if you got something to say,
this is the place for you and me...


EP "Brave New World" released 2004.
EP "Last Man Standing" released 2005.

Single "Eve" from the EP "Brave New World" played frequently on WGRD 97.9 (Local Grand Rapids Station)

Upcoming Full Length Album late 2006

Set List