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York, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

York, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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"Full Album Review- On Our Own Together"

"If there’s a formula for writing great radio-friendly alternative rock music, Kingsfoil seems to have found it. The songs on their album ‘On Our Own Together’ range from catchy to melancholy, but their 14-song album carries itself with swagger and commands attention with every note. These tunes go down smooth and have mainstream rock appeal, but also manage to keep an alternative feel." - Kate Wieking @ The album project. net May 2010

"Kingsfoil Stands Out During MMC14 at the Radisson"

"Kingsfoil took the crown in my eyes. I fell in love with this band at last year’s Millenium Music Conference and they impressed me all over again. I keep trying to figure out who they remind me of and I really can’t. Kingsfoil is Kingsfoil, and they are amazing.

The crowd mouthed the words to older songs like, “Trees” and “Love is a Carnival (Goldfish)," while the band threw in some new numbers. A favorite for me off the new album is “Demons.”

The quartet has an indie sound that ranges from mellow to pop to rock. Not only do I love Kingsfoil’s sound, but the lyrics floor me every time I hear them.

The talent of these four guys cannot be ignored, and I only see awesome things for them in the future. You will become addicted." - Noelle Barrett, Patriot News, Harrisburg PA Feb. 2010

"Big Takeover Magazine, 2009"

“Kingsfoil’s polished, sensitive piano-driven pop/rock might occasionally take cues from Coldplay and Keane. . . but they more often display a tougher exterior and a keen pop songwriting sensibility. . .” - Mark Suppanz

"Kingsfoil Review"

“Kingsfoil, a duo from York, PA, has some of the catchiest, most addictive and most eclectic music that I’ve ever heard. Their sound is amazing, and I find myself looking for reasons to put them on and sing along. No two songs sound alike. Their vocals can remind me of anyone from Duncan Shiek to Brian Vander Ark to Eddie Vedder.” - Audio Exposure -


"...Kingsfoil's songs are carefully and deftly crafted, relying almost entirely on the strength of Davis’ melodies, which have both the authority and instant appeal of influences like Damien Rice and Ben Folds.” - FLY Magazine


On Our Own Together- LP, 2010



Whether telling the tale of parents separating in “Love is a Carnival Goldfish” or the ups and downs of a relationship as detailed in “Hope is Still on the Prowl,” every song for the pop rock group Kingsfoil is a story.

The group, hailing from York, PA, is thoroughly melody driven with each song encompassing a catchy hook and tune that once heard, pops up randomly in one’s head. Its songs draw from the members’ personal experiences, giving every song an intimate, closed-door feeling. That “real” aspect of their songwriting is what allows them to tackle oft-visited subject matters, such as relationships and heartbreak, in a way that comes across as genuine and relatable.

“Music goes so much further than anything else,” says singer Jordan Davis. “If you’re really writing about the things that you’re going through and you know it’s true, people are going to connect with it.”

Connecting with people through music and performing is what Kingsoil was meant to do, Davis feels. “There’s really nothing else, in my own opinion,” he says. “This is what I was meant to do. I have that feeling in me, there’s no doubt.”
With a new album on the way and a summer tour on the horizon, Kingsfoil headquarters has been busy. Adding to the bustle is the recent addition of a new drummer, one that will be instantly recognizable to most Kingsfoil fans-actor Frankie Muniz, best know for his roles as the titular character on the popular sitcom Malcom in the Middle.

“When my manager sent over their music, I literally became the biggest Kingsfoil fan,” Muniz said. “I am honestly beyond excited to be in this [band].”
The group, whose music video “Give it Up Now” aired late last year on MTV-U, has changed a lot from when it started. The lyrics have matured, the skills have improved and the band members have grown. However, the passion is still the same. And even in the midst of success, the band is anything but content to rest on its laurels.

“We’re all kind of raising the bar and inspiring each other,” Davis said. “As a band, it’s never felt better than it does now.”