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King Shadrock

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Song of Hope for Haiti"

(Montreal, Quebec- January 12, 2011)- It was only 12 months ago, that the world witness the earthquake that devastated Haiti. On it's anniversary, Montreal based Reggae singer King Shadrock releases his tribute song entitled "Ayiti", which means Haiti in the Creole language. "Ayiti" was written by King Shadrock, produced by Soke and features singers May-Lissa Dauphin and Maggie Volant.
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More On King Shadrock:
In the Canadian music industry, only a few reggae singers have gained acclaim and success. Jamaican-born King Shadrock, is one of the leading reggae artists in Canada, with highly successful songs like, "Shotta", "Sweet Reggae Music", and "Faith In Love". In 2005, he released his album entitled "Moving Forward", that hit the music charts of several cities across the globe such as; the island Seychelles, South Africa, Miami, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Due to the success of the album he won best single for "Shotta", at the Toronto International Reggae Music Awards. In 2009 he released his anticipated album "Mr. Untouchable", which is available on iTunes. King Shadrock has travelled countless, touring across Canada, South Africa, Jamaica and more. He was also a featured performer at Reggae Festivals in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. To learn more about King Shadrock and his music please visit:
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"King shadrock on the move"

Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica but now living in Canada, "Shadrock" started his
career djing and recording dubplates for the local sound systems. "Shadrock" is
tried by introducing new styles and sounds to his music and voice.

Shadrock's music has been charted in "Seychelles", South Africa, Toronto and
Montréal, Canada. He has toured with many bands, but the jewel in his musical
crown was when he met Winnie Mandela in South Africa and was a guest at her house,
as she thanked him and other artistes, for performing at an "Aids Awareness"

Shadrock's album entitled "Shadrock Moving Forward" is playing on 150 radio
stations worldwide.

"Interview with King Shadrock on Walla Tv"

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Solo Album

- Mixtape, Mr. Untouchable, 2010

- Full Vibes's album, Critics, 2004
- First solo album, Moving Forward, 2005

- Full Vibes's album, United States of Africa, 2002

- Full Vibes's album, People Get Ready,2000


- Single Ayiti featuring May-Lissa Dauphin and Maggy Volant 2010

- Soke's Mixtape, featuring King Shadrock, 2009

- Righteous's Mixtape, Righteous Kill, featuring King Shadrock, 2009

- Sonny & Theo's album, Souvenir, featuring, King Shadrock and May-Lissa Dauphin, 2009

- Vagalam's single, make that body rock, featuring King Shadrock, 2009

-Payzan's single, Why, featuring King Shadrock, 2009

- King shadrock's single, Do it Again, featuring Full vibes, 2009

- King Shadrock's single, Talk to Mi, 2009

- King Shadrock's single, Money Lover, 2008

- King Shadrock's single, Faith in Love, 2008

- King Shadrock's single, Sweet Reggae Music, 2008

- Lip 2Lip's single, Girl, featuring King Shadrock, 2008


- Single, Dance All Night, Maloria,2010

- Single, No name, Dramatik, Soke & King Shadrock, 2010

- Chaplin's single, Knock you Out, featuring King Shadrock, 2008

- kwesi Selassie, ]udgement Day, featuring Little Buju, 1997

- High Energy Band Toronto's album, featuring Little Buju, 1996



Howard Johnson is a professional reggae artist with over 17 years
experience in the music scene. Indeed, it is in Jamaica, his birthplace, he began his first notes in his local church in Montego Bay. Having been rocked by reggae from a young age, He had the opportunity to rub shoulders wirh several well-established Jamaican artists such as: Pinchers, Big Youth, and Everton Blender, which have all noticed his talent The latter took him
on tour in Canada, which allowed him to get exposure and gain more experience on stage.

In 1994, Howard became "Iittle Buju" due to his seductive baritone voice akin to that of "Buju Banton", which is his Mentor. He then pursued his own artistic vision in solo or in a group.
Always in search of learning, in 1996, he joined the group High Energie in Toronto.

In 1998, he opened for the Montreal band Choices for a series of concerts in the Seychelles islands. In 2000, he ioined the group Full Vibes under the name of Shadrock and together they recorded their first album "People Get Ready" and two
years later the second dbum "United States of Africa" which eamed them a return to the Seychelles islands and a tour through two cities in South Africa: Pretoria and Johannesburg, where fans call him the KING.

In 2005, Shadrock, began a successful solo career with his debut album "Moving Forward". The same year he won the award for Best Roots and CuIture single of the year at the Toronto International Reggae Music Awards for his Single "Shotta'. Shadrock continued his career by making
tours of several cities in Canada (Hamilton" Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary) and has participated in various events such as Jamaica Day in Toronto and Montreal and the Calgary Reggae Festival.

The artist uses his influence to support local communities and certain social causes. He then creates a movement called"Artits Against Gun Violence" (Artists against violence by firearms) in order to raise awareness about the increased violence by firearms in Toronto, His dedication to peace has continued to Montreal, where he later work closely with producers of the benefit concert organized for the Movement Wagner
Thermidor (victim of gun violence)

During 2009, in remembrance of the name given by Africans during his visit to the continent he finally renamed King Shadrock and released his compilation, "Mr.Untouchable. To date, this artist has more than 10,000 sales of albums.

Since 2010, King Shadrock, sensitive to various catastrophic events in the world, for example, the earthquake occurred in Haiti, king has been involved in various organizations to help the haitian community by performing at numerous benefit concerts, Another contributions, King Shadrock inspired, wrote a new song
entitled "Ayiti" he recorded this with May-Lissa Dauphin and Maggy Volant.

This song fuses traditional Haitian music and reggae, Besides, this song is currently broadcast on several radio stations in Haiti. In the same spirit of unification; several musicians join King Shadrock and they decided to form the band King Shadrock & the Untouchables

During the surrmer of 2010 the group performs at the Syli d'Or, Nuits d'Afrique Festival, Jamaica Day Festival in Montreal and a series of shows in Monh€al. The group King Shadrock & the Untouchable Band is constantly evolving and constantly working to offer the best of themselves, and the best of REGGAE music.