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KingSize is a in-your-face type of performer, expressing his musical intensity through artistic freedom. Accompanying his desire to enspire hope in others.


Ross "Kingsize" Jones was born in Manhattan, Ks. Since he was a teen, HipHop and Pop/Rock have been major influences on KingSize and his desire to invite the world to experience HipHop and Pop/Rock culture from a Kansas point of view. From freestyle and battle rapping in the street, KingSize's musical authority was highly respected. In 2003, he went into the studio to record his first four singles and completed them in March 2004. Due to KingSize's exposure to different genres of music in Kansas, he is able to express his lyrical talent solo with a microphone or live band.


KingSize's first single cd titled "We don't play" is currently in stores. The cd also includes, "Don't get it twizted and "Ho N***a."

Set List

KingSize's set consist of five songs. "We don't play", "Don't get it twizted", "Ho N***a", "Twenty-five" and a bonus song.