King Size Suzi is a four piece original rock band from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, blending gutsy, full-on vocals with intense guitar, and "rock solid" bass and drums. King Size Suzi reaches into your soul with mindful lyrics and energizing music. Few can resist moving to their presence!


King Size Suzi is an amazing and dynamic live act that is rocking out big time! The band formed in January of 2004. After only a couple of months, the band recorded an 11 song original album called Green Eyed Monster. Meanwhile, they continued to write new material as well as work on covers; to date they have over 30 original songs, and only a few less cover tunes to perform featuring songs varied from Led Zeppling to No Doubt.
Following their appearance on the Midday show, King Size Suzi started performing in the area of Kamloops and the Shuswap at private parties, local bars, and events like Kamstock. This lead to many other shows throughout BC this summer, including the Summerland Action Festival, The Cellar in Vancouver and opening for Wide Mouth Mason at the Valemount Mountain Rockfest. Audience responses have been thrilling.
As their single, "Monster" from the released album, continues to be requested on CIFM Kamloops Radio station, and in rotation on other stations in Kamloops and Edmonton, the band has recorded a new EP for their new album.
King Size Suzi has had many excellent reviews in newspapers and magazines in their area, and is confident that this will continue as they travel.
A high energy rock band going full speed...


Can't Get enough

Written By: Suzi Rawn

Can't Get enough: Suzi Rawn

V1: You, you came out of nowhere so fast,
and I , I'm trying so hard not to get attatched.

V2: And just when I'm feeling insecure,
you shock me with a gentle sincerity and I've never felt a love like this before

Chorus: No I, can't get enough... (4x)(2 progressions)

V3: Life is a series of moments and I wish I could spend every one with you
and how much I love just to hear you laugh I don't think you have a clue.


Bridge: I know I'm a hopeless romantic,
But I hope you feel the way I do. I hope you feel the way I do. Cuz I



I Will Remember You

Written By: Suzi Rawn

I will remember you: King Size Suzi lyrics by Suzi Rawn

For those of you, who never stuck by me,
I will remember the way that you eyed me,
You brought me down that much more,
At a time when I needed your support,
And now I've changed and things have changed.

I'm indifferent, I don't care anymore, I'm indifferent
I'm indifferent, and I don't care anymore

For those of you who were always there for me,
I will remember the way you supported me,
You let me cry without any shame,
You got me back on my feet again,
And there is something you should know.

You made the difference, you got me back on my feet again, you made the difference.
And I will remember you...

I will remember you....

Truth Be Known

Written By: Suzi Rawn

Truth Be Known: King Size Suzi
Lyrics by:Suzi Rawn

Verse 1:

Charming on the outside fooling pleasure, assuming that's what's on the inside without measure,
Sometimes people aren't what they seem but you hope cuz you've grown to love what's so charming.

Verse 2:

You see, people have been hurt by this before, but while the game is goin on you don't love anyone more,
But then you take a good long look, maybe love shouldn't be so much work.


Now stay positive, don't let them in, sooner or later, the truth will be known.

Verse 3:



Oh you beautiful thang, won't you help me forget this pain.


In 2001 Suzi's version of Amazing Grace (IUMA) was selected as the backdrop in "For the Fallen" a sound dedication to the 9/11 victims and families.
2001 Suzi self released a 12 song CD "On My Own"
2004 King Size Suzi released an 11 song CD
titled "Green Eyed Monster".
The song "Monster" has been getting air play on
CIFM 98.3FM Kamloops, BC, Canada.
2004 KSS released 5 song EP
All recordings are registered with SOCAN.

Set List

Set List / King Size Suzi....Aug '04

You Learn- Alanis Morssette
Are you gonna go my way- Lenny Kravitz
Sweet child o mine- Guns and Roses
Stop- Sam Brown
Whole Lotta Love- Led Zepplin
When the Levee Breaks- Led Zepplin
If you want me to stay- Sly and the family stone
Give it away- The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fire- Jimi Hendrix
Nobody Knows you- Traditional
Same old Song and Dance- Aerosmith
Zombie- The Cranberries
Bitch- Meredith Brooks
Smells like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
Proud Mary- Tina Turner
Walk this way- Aerosmith
Breakdown- Tom Petty
Oh Darlin'- The Beatles
With or without you- U2
Three Little Birds- Bob Marley
Little Wing- Jimi Hendrix
Foxy Lady- Jimi Hendrix
Just a girl- No Doubt
One way or another- Blondie
Still haven't found- U2

Obvious Tension
On My Own
Just a Fool
City Madness
Can't Get Enough
Mother's Day
I will Remember you
Built to Last
White Sand Beach
Truth be known
In the Air
Green Eyed Mons