Kingsley Charles

Kingsley Charles

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"A singer/songwriter from Nassau, Bahamas living in the US since 2001. WIth Pop/Rock/Soul influences he shares his life experiences to encourage others through his passion. Kingsley delivers a killer performance with his melodic genius, a voice you must hear set the stage on fire!"
Peace& Love


Kingsley Charles is a singer/songwriter, melodic genius of a Soul/Pop/Acoustic Rock background influenced. Kingsley is inspired by life experiences along with his incredible passion to share his inspiration to the masses. He was born in Nassau, The Bahamas on May 25th 1982, where a nurse gave him the name Kingsley. His musical journey began on the Berry Islands with his brothers in their little boy group in 1987 called The Charles Boys. Son of a Pastor and Evangelist his little group traveled to all the churches their parents gave sermons. Kingsley is very intuitive and bright when it comes to melodies and harmonies, his brother Ivan is a role model to him in following his heart. At age 11 his father Lileo Charles gave him the name Kase when he was practicing the clarinet. As a self-taught and energetic young lad, Kingsley raced to every opportunity to learning his art. Music never skipped a beat at any given moment in his childhood. Though many obstacles came to intimidate Kingsley’s progress, he remained determined and never gave up on his life long dream. Kingsley is best known for bringing an element of Hope, and Passionate Emotion to his music. He’s always writing, singing, and playing the piano and acoustic, as well as at his live performances taking the music to another level. He plays the piano and acoustic with intensity defying gravity and seeing no musical scales. At 19 he moved to the U.S. in pursuit of accomplishing his dreams. He's been a powerful moving force and a generational impact ever since his transition. Also Kingsley supports a charity in VA donating all the proceeds from his song Nothing Compares to the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center, supporting the awareness of teen age pregnancy and abortion. You just have to fall in love with Kingsley, he has a big heart for all needing love and encouragement. We're glad you visited, drop a line, and thank you for your love and support! SO ENJOY THE PASSIONATE KC!


The Kase Project: EP
December 2008
Tracks: 5

She's Not Like You
Walking Away
Pretty Lady
Where it Leads
Til the End

Kingsley Charles: Single (Early Version)
July 2010
Tracks: 1

You can download all tracts on iTunes& more!

Set List

Set 1: Acoustic Pop/Soul Originals: Acoustic
1) Need To Say
2) Standing Tall
3) Here
4) Pretty Lady
5) Window Dreams
6) Stay
7) Perfect
8) Home
9) Beautiful Son
10) Starlight Cafe

Set 2: Pop Soul/Pop Rock - Piano Driven/Electric Originals
1) Captured
2) Wonderful Distraction
3) Waiting
4) Love On Mine
5) Awake
6) Keep On Running
7) Pretty Lady
8) Lifted Me
9) Nothing Compares
10) Why are you here?
11) Boy
12) Where It Leads
13) She’s Not Like You
14) Walking Away
15) Til the End
16) Don’t Take My Hope Away
17) Traveling On that Road
18) Peace& Love
19) She Need’s Your Healing
20) With You

COVERS You can request:
PLEASE NOTE THAT I PREFER NOT TO PERFORM COVERS/ if so these are the few you can request. Thank you!
1) What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye- Cover
2) Love By You by James Taylor- Cover
3) You’ve Got A Friend by James Taylor- Cover
4) Good to be True by James Taylor- Cover
5) Sunday Morning by Maroon 5- Cover
6) Killing Me Softly by L