Kingsley Ettienne

Kingsley Ettienne



Kingsley Ettienne's unswerving dedication and drive for excellence have enabled him to shape his raw talent into a unique style that is at once technically superb and spiritually deep. He has played with many of the world's giants: Jimmy Smith, Jack McGiff, Barbara Denerlain and others.

His understanding of the shift and flow of many musical genres and traditions, coupled with his feeling for the honesty in all good work, makes his inspired performances riveting and unforgettable.

Kingsley's straight-ahead jazz, combined with a mesmerizing blend of Gospel, Reggae, Calypso, Blues and Funk has thrilled Hammond organ enthusiasts beyond the limits of their expectations. Described as a cross between Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole and Teddy Pendergrass, Kingsley's powerful, soulful vocals, threaded together with his awesome playing, must be heard to be believed.

Kingsley's "Stepping Out" CD was released in Europe and Canada in 1995 and in Canada in 1996. His second CD "Another Side of Me" was released in 1999, and his third album, the acclaimed "I Remember You" was released in 2001. His latest album is a thrilling collaboration with fellow Grenadian musician Eddie Bullen, called "de Organ Grinders".

King thrilled his home audience in 2000 when he performed at the Grenada Spice Jazz Festival's "Royalty Night"; audiences had the chance to revisit his magic at his unscheduled appearance during the 2003 Spice Jazz Festival. Kingsley has performed at other regional jazz festivals, such as the St Lucia and the Jamaica Festivals, and completed a tour of South America in mid-2003


Just Having Fun (2004) Canadian Release (Independent)
I Remember You (2002) Canadian Release (Independent)
Another Side of Me (2002) Canadian Release (Independent)
Steppin Out Live in Concert (1996) Canadian Release (Ijackson Records)
Steppin Out Live in Concert (1995) Europeon Release (Jackson Records)
Steppin Out Live in Concert (1995) California Release (Sony Records)