The Kingsnakes

The Kingsnakes


Real gritty and dirty rock'n'roll. Think Led Zeppelin meets MC5.


With their Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs, soulful yet raw vocals, and MC5 energy, The Kingsnakes are bridging the gap between the budding garage rock and heavy metal scene in Detroit. "The musical equivalent of that guy at the end of the bar with Budweiser spilled all over his chest. Kinda scary, but you wanna party with that guy sometime!" says Mike Savage of The A&R Network magazine (

Capturing that sound on their debut CD "Supernatural Disaster" was done with the help of their producer, Kenny Olson, guitarist from Kid Rock. The Kingsnakes will be releasing Supernatural Disaster in the spring of 2004. Songs like 'Whore On A Dragon' and title track 'Supernatural Disaster' offer warning of a time yet to come. But songs such as 'Messin' and 'Shake It' let people in on the band's attitude of getting your kicks in "before the whole shithouse goes up in flames" (-Jim Morrison).

The band has played a few cities outside of their home region including New York City as part of an after-party for the MC5 documentary "A True Testimonial" shown at the Annual Tribeca Film Festival. The band also played in Toronto for the 2001 North by Northeast Music Festival and in Austin for the 2003 South By Southwest Music Festival.

The band plans to start recording their second CD in early 2005.

- 2005 Debut CD 'Supernatural Disaster' Nominated for Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording.

- 2004 Awarded Outstanding Rock Band at The Detroit Music Awards

- 2004 Nominated for 3 Detroit Music Awards: Outstanding Rock Band, Best Live Performance, and Best Vocalist.


Supernatural Disaster - 2004

Set List

Sets range anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the venue/promoter. Mostly originals, maybe one or two covers.