Kings of Dark Disco
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Kings of Dark Disco

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE
Band Pop EDM


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Album: "Dying at the Disco", 2011 onTarget Records
Single: "Lady Libertine", 2010 on Target Records
Single: "Corps de Ballet", 2009 on Copenhagen Records



The band was formed in 2007 and started off as project-oriented meaning that song material and band concept had to be entirely in place before rehearsing and playing live. Over time KODD has become more and more synth oriented. As a result the band has added two synth players and an extraordinary variety of vintage synths to its line-up.

The bands first demo was very well received and caused a lot of label hype as well as generating loads of live gigs. During the last year KODD has been in the studio recording their first full-length album. The record, Dying At The Disco, due out on Target Records 14.03.2011, has been made in collaboration with Stillwalker Productions (Oh No Ono, Efterklang, Marybell Katastrophy, TV2).

The name Kings of Dark Disco indicates a clash. A clash between the glowing light of the disco and the darkness that is not reflected by the shiny disco balls. KODD embraces the decadent aspects of pop to reflect on their own musical universe in a pop-art manner. Like the shiny surface of the disco ball that shatters your reflection into a thousand shining rays.
A lot of pop-art is characterised by the fact that it acknowledges its own status as pop. This awareness of pop as alluring and decadent is brought into play in the KODD universe. This frame of reference thereby colours the themes present such as sex, excess, self-centred self-realisation, alienation and love or lack thereof. This aspect is clearly illustrated when KODD puts on their disco-helmets thus giving them a clear-cut pop-identity while erasing any form of individuality. This is also depicted in the KODD slogan: If it’s not a slogan - It’s not worth singing.
In this way KODD has created a Dark Disco Identity that everyone can apply without the troubling aspects of individuality. However this loss of individuality echoes as a cry for redemption in the empty disco ball and is represented in the music as an underlying sense of melancholia.

KODD’s sound is pop in your face yet possessing a cosmic decadence and an underlying sense of melancholy which will move both mind and feet of the listener. Sharp minimalistic synth-hooks, cosmic soundscapes are brought together by a tight rhythmic pulse. Hence the musical inspiration is a hybrid between French disco (Daft Punk, Space, Justice), decadent synth pop (New Order, OMD, Human League, Kraftwerk and Jarre) as well as Bowie and Michael Jackson.
The music is the soundtrack for the late nights, where the glowing decadence of pop will lacerate the grey asphalt, seduce and terrify all the while promising redemption and excess. Where the pulse ignites the flesh in the body, where the synth dresses the flesh in lust, where the libertine dances alone with the rest.

Dying At The Disco was made in collaboration with Stillwalker Productions (Oh No Ono, Efterklang, Marybell Katastrophy, TV2) and recorded in Feedback Studios (Aarhus) and KODD’s own studio in Copenhagen. Since both band and producers are extreme perfectionists working with the album took almost a year. In some periods of this time band and producers lived in the studio in Aarhus working day and night.
KODD insisted on having absolute artistic freedom while working on the album thus making room for a lot of experimenting while in the studio. The work process has been very fruitful and has resulted in an enduring friendship between the band and the producers.The productions are based on a programmed foundation in which all sounds subsequently have been recorded on vintage synths (we love them and we have loads!). Even drum sounds are supplemented with overtones from vintage synthesizers. Afterwards drums, guitar and vocals were added.