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"L.I.B. Stand Up"

Bringing back good music to the way it used to be and giving the world extraordinary sound," is how 420 Coalition producer and musician Jauz describes his band’s intentions. For 14 years his country, Liberia, fought a civil war, leaving many people without education, jobs and shelter. All people could do was pray to get their country back on its feet. Whenever artists like Jauz perform at local venues and special events in the Liberian community, they’re never afraid to show their Liberian pride. “L.I.B STAND UP” is their slogan, and they continue to represent Liberia to the fullest.

Six independent artists are trying to introduce the world to a new sound of music, the kind of music that makes you think and enjoy, but still sends a special message. These artists want people to learn about their Liberian culture and to keep music clean and entertaining. The artists’ names are: Jauz, Phenom, 2C, Yung Cannon, Prince Ahmed and Holliwood, and their music can be found on MySpace. Although the artists live in different cities on the east coast, including Atlanta, Philadelphia and Providence, RI, their common vision is to uplift Liberia and let listeners know that regardless of what they’ve been through, it’s never too late for a fresh start. They want to put West Africa on the chart in entertainment and culture.

The Kings of Dreamland -
5-6 Familia chose rap, pop and rock to show off their creativity. “We want to represent the L.I.B because that is where our family comes from, and most of all ourselves,” said Yung Cannon, a founding member of the 5-6 Familia. He and his brothers Prince Ahmed and Holliwood are determined to introduce a new genre to the music industry called Dreamland. Dreamland music sounds like pop, Baltimore club music and rock mixed together. According to the group, they want to represent their Liberian culture to the fullest to show that L.I.B. is a powerful movement and to make their music universal.

“What It Do” is one of the 5-6 Familia records played in the Philly area, where where they make their music. 5-6 Familia is preparing their next album, “Beat Em Up University,” which influenced by emotions and fun. "We want our listeners to know that we’re different from other artists," said Yung Cannon.

All of these artists want to make Liberia stand out. They want to recognize the importance of their country’s rich culture and other African cultures. It’s not just music people can dance to. Their songs tell stories that unify people from all over. - Vox Magazine - Fennell Wilkins


"A Struggle Will Never End" - 2004 Demo

"So Find I", - Our latest single from our upcoming album "Kings of Dreamland" has been released. It has received over 470,000 plays on Myspace since its release on January 1, 2010. It is streaming on Jango,, Napster, Rhapsody, and eMusic. The mp3 is on sale at iTunes and Amazon. The limited edition single is available on eBay.



Kings of Dreamland, the mysterious Liberian biological brothers have snuck up on the underground music scene behind a black and white logo. However, Hero the Valiant (Singer, Producer), Yung Canon (Rapper), and Holliwood (Rapper) are not new to the music world. They have made music as a group since 2004, starting with the release of their demo “A Struggle Will Never End”. They sold over 1,000 copies of their first demo in Philadelphia (Kings of Dreamland grew up in South West Philadelphia) and around Pittsburgh, which included the hit "Drop It" that received airplay on 106.7 WAMO in Pittsburgh, PA. Their influences such as Outkast, N.E.R.D., East Coast Hip-Hop, Modern and Traditional African Music, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, MGMT, and The Doors show their true diversity.

Kings of Dreamland have performed in several venues and large events including:


Here are some quotes from magazines, critics, and avid fans:

"The music the group makes is grown. It's not the type of music you listen to when you don't want to hear common sense. I love their voices and the production is all there". - TREAL MAGAZINE, Detroit, MI

"They want to make Liberia stand out. They want to recognize the importance of their country’s rich culture and other African cultures. It’s not just music people can dance to. Their songs tell stories that unify people from all over." - FENELL WILKINS, VOX TEEN MAGAZINE, Atlanta, GA

"REAL MUSIC IS BACK!!! Gotta love this track...K.O.D is the future!! Get wit it! - TAJ MARTINEZ, State College, PA

"I only heard the first 15 seconds of 'So Find I' and I immediately bought the single on iTunes. Kings of Dreamland is future of music!" - GABRIEL TUTVIEN, Charlotte, NC

"I am very critical of music. I listen to very little new hip-hop, but Kings of Dreamland are original. I didn't mind driving an hour and a half to their Sandusky show. I may even drive to Charlotte to see them perform in August!" - ASHLEY NICOLE WARE, Cleveland, OH

"Kings of Dreamland are changing the game. There is nobody that sounds like KOD out there. They literally appeal to any crowd." - BASSEL ZEITOUNI, Charlotte, NC

Kings of Dreamland relocated to Charlotte, NC last winter. They immediately began a large street team campaign. Kings of Dreamland street team quickly evolved from a few friends to multiple teams in Penn State, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Sandusky, Charlotte, Palm Beach, Phoenix, New York City, and more, including over 50 members.

Kings of Dreamland released their latest single, “So Find I” on January 1, 2010. It has generated over 475,000 plays on Myspace since its release. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, and other large internet retailers. It has people wondering, who are these guys? What inspires them? This song sounds similar to a hip-hop/pop blend of Outkast and Black Eyed Peas mixed with a rock sound reminiscent of older Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Kings of Dreamland are currently working on their brand new album. It is influenced by their many emotions and experiences in their lives. This album will cross various genres, including hip-hop, pop, and rock. There is something for everybody on the album. Kings of Dreamland have fans of all races, ages, and geographic locations. Imagine gangstas, soccer moms, skateboarders, and college students at one show. That’s what you will see at a Kings of Dreamland concert.

You can check them out next headlining at R3mix3d in Clemson, SC on July 15, 2010.