Kings of Flow

Kings of Flow


Searching for the ultimate urban sound,the sound that doesn't go out of style,the sound that speaks the same language,the sound that is not defined by record sales,the sounds that doesn't come from the streets but from Life, Carlos I. Talavera aka "The Flow" forms "Kings of Flow"


Carlos I Talavera's best-known foray into producing music was relatively recent: He co-wrote and produced Kings of Flow's "Poe'ma", and other tracks from their 2006 debut -Latin- Los Tiradores Vol. 1,which earned him his credibility as a stablished songwriter/composer in the big leagues.
Talavera's breakthrough was hardly beginner's luck;it was the direct result of a lifelong devotion to making music.Now 26,he grew up in the third world like streets of Managua,Nicaragua and at age 15 his family migrates to the San Fernando Valley ,in the United States. He describes his childhood as flush with cultural enrichment.
"It was very family oriented," he says."There was lots of different music and lots of different foods.My parents made sure I didn't get caught up in the street life - there was music and art and philosophy."
His father was a musician-his father was a trained folk music singer and a Poet-and hi made him study music and poetry.By age ten,he was entering poetry competitions.
"I wanted to to it," he explains."It wasn't something that was forced,but the discipline to practice was enforced by my parents."
Talavera came of age just as Latin hip-hop began to fourish,and he recalls watching deejays and rappers ,2pac in particular, jam around the city.He kept performing with several latin groups and artists through his teens.
He played everywhere and with everybody he could. He linked up with David Rolas,and suddenly he forms his own band " Kings of Flow"
"That opened doors,"he says.
He went to write"one or two" songs with Rolas
to writing all the albums for "kings of Flow"
These days,Talavera is continuing to keep his mix diverse.
"I want to make music that actually connects with the world not just a typical latin album,but one where latin music and word music are speaking together,"he explains.
It's the kind of integration,perhaps,that only a real musician gets by constantly absorbing the music of his surroundings.


Ella(no volveran las noches aquellas)

Written By: kings of flow

no volveran las noches aquellas
en que triste y solo,
recorria galerones obscuros
llenos de recuerdos,
fugases y sutiles
en los cuales no sabia que hacer,
pues sabia que me abandonabas
y no volverias.

Ya te encontre' una ves hace mil anos
y esta vez no te ira's de mi lado
y yo se que a tu lado
nunca volveran las noches aquellas...

Ella ,causante de mi locura
me hace perder la compostura
como ella no hay ninguna
y no puedo sin ella,
Ella causante de mi torpeza
me hace perder la cabeza,
ella es mi fiera ,ella es mi tigreza,
y no puedo sin ella.

Te encontrare........
te encontrare........
que me estoy quemando
me estoy quebrantando
sin tu body,sin tu querer...

Yo la amo
yo la extrano
yo la quiero 'pa atras
mami ve a mi lado..

mami yo quesiera saber,
el que te hizo sufrir,
el porque te encuentras sola
y no vienes a mi.

repeat (chorus)

Lo que seria and what of time

Written By: Carlos I Talavera aka "The Flow"

Hay amores que duran un dia y son buenos.
Hay los que duran muchos anos ,y son mejores.
Pero, hay los que duran toda la vida,
esos son los impresindibles

Lo que seria de mi o' que fuera
si esa nena linda no existiera

Lo que seria de un poema
e ' una melodia si no existieras

Si no creyera en lo que yo siento
que caso tiene seguir escribiendo

Que cosa fuera de mi
anda dime lady
mi unica inspiracion es lo que siento por ti

(verse 1)
Yo quisiera ser romeo y tu mi julieta
el cielo de este mundo y tu mi estrella
el nene que te quiere ,el nene que te besa
mami tu me tienes ,que explota mi cabeza

quisiera ser el verso y tu mi poeta
quisiera ser el agua y tu mi sirena
el nene que te quiere ,el nene que te besa
mami tu eres todo, y todo me interesa

(repetition of hook)


Si no creyera en lo que escribo
en cada verso yo.........!
que a la vez se convierte en mi unica ispiracion

no existieran poemas
mucho menos palabras
y con todo este sentimiento
que yo llevo adentro...

(verse 2)
Yo te quiero nena,no lo puedo negar
yo te doy mi corazon ,y tambien un hogar
eres princesa mami no lo puedo negar
tu belleza ,tu carita mami es estelar
si tu me quiere y yo te quiero nada va a pasar


Girls Gone Wild(Los Tiradores Vol.1 2006 Universal latino music)
Ayer la vi(Album )2008 "kings of flow"
Poema(Album)2009 "Kings of flow"

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