Kings of Jupiter

Kings of Jupiter


Los Angeles-based KINGS OF JUPITER weaves mystical magic, with sitar virtuoso Rane Sevin on sitar and vocals. The fusion of ancient Indian instruments and progressive rock rhythms creates a transcendent, haunting sound. -Noah Strong, The Beat


Hear two cuts from Kings of Jupiter's first album "Flying Dreams" in the upcoming feature film "WARM." Rane also performs on-camera in the film. The cuts are "Cloud of Life," written to a soldier on the front lines and "Questions," which is a finalist in this year's John Lennon Songwriting Contest. SEE THE "QUESTIONS" MUSIC VIDEO on MYSPACE.COM/KINGSOFJUPITER!

Rane’s primary instrument is a Vilayat Khan styled sitar, which Rane has electrified and modified to fit her sound. She studied in India, and is the only sitar player who sings original music while playing. Kings of Jupiter’s sound is evocative of Massive Attack, Dead Can Dance, and the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s collaborations with Eddie Vedder.

Kings of Jupiter’s unique blend of east-meets-west makes the music popular worldwide. They've performed in India, Thailand, Tibet, Mexico and Costa Rica. This year, Kings of Jupiter will perform in Annan, Jordan and Tunis, Morocco.

Rane is an ambassador of Zaadz, a global community devoted to higher social consciousness and advancing ecological change. Rane also volunteers at a Los Angeles youth prison.

Rane is committed to spreading love with her music, and some of her CD sales go to IHRF, a nonprofit foundation devoted to Indian and Tibetan children. IHRF also offers job training to impoverished Indian women, provides disaster relief to tsunami victims, and cares for orphans. IHRF is headed by H.H. Pujya Swamiji Chidanand Saraswati Maharaj, who is India’s acting spiritual representative to the United Nations.


Q: What is that thing?
A: It's called a sitar! Pretty cute, huh?

Q: Is it hard to play?
A: Well, it has 18 strings, with two bridges stacked on top of each other. You have to reach under the top set of strings to play the bottom set. If you want to change keys, you have to move the frets and retune all the strings, and if it’s even a little bit out of tune, it sounds like a moose in heat! Also, the only notation for the sitar is in Sanskrit. Other than that, it’s pretty much a snap!

Q: Why do you play such a thing?
A: The same reason salmon swim upstream, leap up a waterfall to mate, and then die at the end of the party. God has a bizarre sense of humor, and I'm one of his cosmic chuckles.

Q: Do you sound like Ravi Shankar?
A: Ummm....Ravi Shankar is probably the finest musician in the WORLD. He plays classical Indian ragas in stadiums across the globe. I play rock music in sweaty Hollywood nightclubs. Other than that, we sound identical!

Q: Have you ever met Ravi Shankar?
A: Er...not yet. For some reason, we never get invited to the same parties.

Q: Did you ever meet George Harrison?
A: See my Myspace blog: “My Lunch With George.” My favorite place to write music is on the roof of the house the Beatles built when they were in India. It’s in an abandoned ashram in an overgrown jungle, right on the banks of the Ganges. I sit on the roof and play sitar while the mist floats over the river and the monkeys swing in from the jungle. It’s heaven. The last time I was there, though, it had been raining for a couple of months, and the vegetation was really high. A girl warned me not to go in, because a jaguar had killed a local goat and was hiding out in there. Of course, I desperately wanted to see a jaguar, but a rare moment of common sense came over me, and I went down to the riverbank instead.

Q: Will you play at my music festival/club/fundraiser?
A: I am so there! Especially if your festival is in some exotic place with semi-dangerous animals and vines to swing from.




6:06 AM
dark morning rain
taking the next rocket ship
straight outta my brain

pierce the ozone to the other side
look back on this mess we’ve made
cloud of life, cloud of strife

all evil is sadness wrapped in disguise
evil is sorrow searching for eyes
life is short, but it’s also too long...
to run from each other,
to stifle the song

and I think it’s time to look into you
yes I think it’s time
to reach one hand into my heart
hold the other out to you

wise man once told me the future is known
destiny etched in that great book of stone
if this is so, then what should I do
do I surrender, what if I refuse?

yes I think it’s time...
stanzas of madmen burst into flame
these clouds of sorrow
are clouds of life untamed

there’s a door in the fog
if only we can find it
fear is the parent of cruelty
it’s madness now to spawn it

now that you’ve made me learn your name
what can I do about it?
both losers in this bloody game
so look into me
I’ll look into you, and it’s all the we can do.

yes I think it’s time to look into you
yes I think it’s time
to reach one hand into my heart
hold the other out to you


Written By: Kings of Jupiter

Let the air out of this dream
Watch the pictures slowly sinking
Time shifts underneath my feet
I need, oh what do I need?

Mr. Chill, you took me on that morning
Disappeared into our deepest longing
Two whispers wrapped inside the sun
I thought you were my golden one

Mr. Chill, did I disappoint you somehow?
Couldn’t listen to those stones fall from your mouth
So you took yourself away
Mr. Chill where are you freezing now?

Did the wings fall off your little angel in white?
You cast me in the role of the divider alright,
But this is your fight, not mine.
This is your flight in time

mr. chill, mr. chill, mr. chill...

Oh how I long to see you again
But you pulled that sweet chain right through my skin
So I hide myself inside
Tunneling in to find the light

Yes the wings fell off this little angel in flight
Scorched my tread on your cool blue line
And now it’s my time to find
The stations i left behind

mr. chill, mr. chill, mr. chill...



Written By: Kings of Jupiter

Mary holy walked in the bar,
she was met by the hunter in gray.
He took one look at her simple dress,
thought he’d teach her to sit up and beg.

He says, Let me buy you a drink, little girl.
I’ll show you the pulse of the city.
My platinum card jumps on command.
I’ll take you to buy something pretty.

Mary laughs and glances through the haze.
Says, I’m looking for a guy named Joe.
He’s the assassin of all those dreams.
His flesh will adapt to my code.

Then in walks Joe the assassin,
unborn boy in his 17th year.
Sees Mary and drops to his knees in religion.
He hands her a bouquet of tears.

And his eyes are on fire,
and his breath is a confession.
Words fly in benediction.
And wings of divinum fold them as one,
and the vows they speak are tongues.

The hunter watches, a mess of confusion,
commando of wounded pride.
He wants Mary now in ways that confound.
She’s opened some crack in his mind

He follows the newlyweds out of the bar,
aching with rage unnamed.
He falls to the curb in the bitter gray night,
vanquished like last week’s prey.

How did that girl
with the fingers of flame
set fire to his hall of dreams?
A passing siren screams his defeat.
He’d never see her again.

But Mary appears again in the doorway,
her face lit like the day.
Smiles down on the broken man --
wants to erase his brain.

She says, I feel for you, sir,
your suffering is real.
Every thought is beyond your will.
And though you wish to know yourself...
your efforts always fail.

She hands him a bar napkin scribbled in code
as she slips back into the night.
He unfolds the page and reads the inscription,
faint in the sooty streetlight.

A war’s being fought in your heartbeat, it says,
but I know you’ll rise gold.
Surrender now to the breath of the sun,
the enemy trenches will fold.

Let your history crumble beneath its own weight,
and when the last soldier is mourned…
Tears will shake free from your battle-scarred eyes,
and you’ll know what it is to be born.


Cuts from Kings of Jupiter's first album will be featured on the motion picture soundtrack "Warm." Rane also wrote the theme song for a new TV pilot called "XERX."

Cuts from "Flying Dreams" are playing on Blast 1386 AM in England, Radio Central, Belgium and Radioptic Radio, PVHF, Sydney, Australia. This August, Kings of Jupiter will be featured on the nationally-syndicated Adam Carolla show with a live interview and radio play from the album.

A radio interview with Kings of Jupiter is available on i-Tunes (see myspace for link). A live video of Rane performing "Questions" is on and YouTube.

Set List

A typical set list includes eight to twenty originals and one or two spoken-word pieces with ambient sound.
The set includes a "trippy" cover or two from a 60's classic like the Doors, Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan. Kings of Jupiter has fifty original songs, and can play a set up to two hours long.
The band has a slide show of gorgeous, psychedelic slides that can be projected on a screen behind the stage.