Kings of The Mic

Kings of The Mic

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The two best rappers the latino rap scene has seen, combined with modern hip hop beats that feel like a breath of fresh air for Latin Hip-Hop. Incredible flow, deep lyrics and style. Kings of the Mic is the future of Latin Hip-Hop.


Kings of the Mic was born when a mutual friend introduced Mago and Nano. They started doing songs to different beats and polishing their skills. One day while in the studio they were listening to some techno beats when they decided they should create their own sound to set themselves apart from the Latin Hip Hop scene. Mago started doing beats and soon the KOM sound was created. R&B, RAP, TRANS and TECHNO mixed together and you could sort of define Kings of the Mic style. Using Flows and lyrics in a way they have never been used. Kings of the Mic are determined to change the standars in Hip Hop and make Latin Hip Hop as influencial and powerfull as Hip Hop in english. With energizing music perfect for Live preformances Kings of the Mic will bring any party to life.


Nothing on the radio... yet.

Set List

About a 10 minute set

Move it Do it
Quiero Verte
Bleeding Speakers