Kings of the Wing People

Kings of the Wing People

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Music is meant to be a shared experience and that’s what we're aiming to do. KWP's music can be straight forward and hard driving as well as moody and melodic. It’s our belief that music should be a reflection of life; dynamic and full of character.


About the Name:
In January of 2007 we decided that we needed a new name that would better reflect our evolving sound. Being fans of old cheesy 80's movies like Flash Gordon it seemed appropriate to quarry these cinematic goldmines for this new moniker. That said, if you haven't seen Flash Gordon (1980 version) in a while you would serve yourself well to queue it up and enjoy it in all its splendor.

About the Band (Our Story):
We are a 3 piece band from various places throughout western Washington.
Aaron (bass) and Chris (vox/guitar) have played together for over 9 years now. Kenny has been on the drums for the last 6 years.

We've played various venues throughout the Seattle area such as the High Dive, Fenix (Showbox Sodo), Chop Suey, The Central, The Sunset, and Nectar just to name a few.

Our backgrounds are as varied as our influences. We are very much three INDIVIDUALS that happen to be playing in the same band. That said, we get along together great and all have a passion for making music. I think this diversity serves the music well.

Every band is different and has something that sets them apart from everyone else. The bottom line is most bands we've ran across are playing because it's something that they want to do and we're no different. Our commitment is to make the best music we can that reflects the ideas and moods that we’re trying to convey and not worry too much about the rewards. Of course we want to be successful and continue playing bigger and better venues but we’ll still be proud of our music no matter what.

The Music:
Our first reaction is to describe our music as rock, but knowing that can mean many different things these days we usually add that it has a blend of Garage and Americana Rock with a little taste of Neo-Grunge. Lyrically, we like to leave a little to the imagination at times, letting everyone discover a little meaning of their own. Other times, such as with Fresh Fish, we just like to have fun catchy lyrics. We try hard not to get caught taking our self too seriously all the time.

Most Notable Accomplishments:
We were very proud to have our first air-play in the Spring of 2007 on Seattle's 104.9 Funky Monkey. And let me say that it never gets old to hear your tunes over the airwaves and we all hope that there is much more to come in the future.

We were also one of three bands selected as finalists for Seattle radio station KJRs houseband competetion in the spring of 2008.

Most recently we were contacted by Genya Ravan to use our song "Lazurus" on her sirius satellite radio show. This was especially an honor since she contacted us. Genya has quite an impressive resume reaching back 40 years as both a performer and producer. She has toured with such acts as The Rolling Stones and The Who, just to name a few.

Neil Young, Kings X, PJ, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, any other 90's Seattle band, QOTSA, Foo Fighters, Jimi (you know which one), Zeppelin, Mr. Cash, the Beatles (who haven't they influenced?), Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, Red Hot Chili Peppers,



Written By: C. Price

drowning in wealth
consumed by desire
feel the greed
the need to make some money

to win in this world
you have to deceive
you have to be prepared
you have to make some money

when will it end?

drowning in wealth
consumed by desire
feel the greed
the need to make some money

The sin in this world
too much to believe
you have to be prepared
You have to make some money

need it
want it
take it
now give it to me

When will it end?

Lose Control

Written By: C. Price

Hold the lines
this is going to take some time
Until then I’ll do the best that I can
When the time is right
we’ll take everything in sight
Once inside
I’ll do anything that I want

The time has come to go
And the damage shows
I have got to know
Before I lose control

Wear them down
until they’re tired and numb
They’ll never know,
what do they know anyway?

The time has come to go
And the damage shows
I have got to know
Before I lose control

We trusted you… put hope in you
You threw it away
and we never knew
We trusted you… what do you do?
What did you know?
What did you Know?

The time has come to go
And the damage shows
I have got to know
Before I lose control

Fresh Fish

Written By: C. Price

Is it true, is it true, is it true? (x’s 2)

Yeah, I’m going to wade in
Take a deep swim
Cause that how I get em’

Look at you, look at you, look at you
coo kachoo, coo kachoo, coo kachoo

Yeah, I’m going to wade in
Take a deep swim
Cause I want that fresh fish

Swim away, swim away, swim away from me (x’s 3)
Swim away fast, fast, down, down

Charlie left and we don't know why

Written By: C. Price

Charlie was ambitious
Always on a mission
Always tried to convince us
It was in our best interest

Then he just went away
And we don’t know why
Oh Charlie please
Don’t make me plead
That’s just not me

Charlie was ambiguous
A little bit unclear
a little bit mysterious
but none the less sincere

Charlie was a witness
To the perfect crime
Never took us with him
Never had the time

Charlie. Oh please Charlie
Don’t make me plead
Oh Charlie please

Led You Wrong... (live acoustic)

Written By: C. Price

if somehow I have led you wrong
then find another to lead you home
under skies of blue your eyes are torn
it’s hard enough to carry on

if somehow secrets keep telln’ all
then hold your breath and hold on strong
under moon lit skies you wait for dawn
a welcomed silence but it won’t last long

a feeble man who comes on strong
too weak and tired to carry on
settle softly into a paper bed
“this is home” is all he said

the fire burned down and his liquor was gone
his body grew cold and his mind passed on
no one weeps for a man who’s warn
gone now hope from the day he was born


We've been lucky enough to have some airplay in the local Seattle area. Please take a minute to click on our Audio section or Myspace link to check out some of our tunes. Just a suggestions, the Audio section on this sonicbids site offers better quality audio.

Thanks KWP

1 - Lazarus
2 - Lose Control
3- Fresh Fish
4 - Charlie Left and We Don't Know Why
5 - Charlie Left... (Live Acoustic)
6 - Led You Wrong (live Acoustic)

Set List

For most venues booking multiple bands we typically play a 10 - 11 original song set-list (mixing in one or two covers at times) which last about 45 minutes. We have material for longer sets and can include some covers to fit venues requirements.

One of the things we have learned over the years is to pace the set and know when we can take the energy down and when to pump it up again. We try to build a setlist that flows well and is dynamic.