Nathan Holley

Nathan Holley


Funky, Rocky, Hip-Hoppy good times. A fresh new look on ear catching music.


With the heavy mass of bands tying to make a niche for themselves, KSG set out to achieve the goal of combining fresh new sounds with the age old hook and ear catching lyrics. Led by Nathan Holley, the band continues to follow in the footsteps of their influences, such as Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ben Harper. Nathan's voice sparkles on every track, with his searing guitar work adding to the musical fire. Bassist Josh Mills is in a league of his own, popping, slapping, and picking his way to bass stardom. Drummer Ethan Deppe takes his years of technical training and applies it to make KSG one smooth running machine. Through relentless touring and constant dedication to improving themselves as a unit and not individuals have they come so far. KSG's sound lends itself to many different genres. They have shared the stage with the likes of Better than Ezra, Seven Mary Three, Cowboy Mouth, Slightly Stoopid, Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, George Lynch from Dokken, Virginia Coalition, and O.A.R. to name a few. Nathan has been spotted playing acoustic at shows with Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Ja-Rule, Ciara, Jo-Jo, Umphrey's McGee, and many more. Intricate live shows, dedication to touring, and the need to satisfy our musical hunger creates the mold for what they can achieve.



Written By: Nathan Holley

She looks and she winks, and she tells you what she thinks.
Your gonna get your groove on my friend.
She motions and she Beckons and she thinks for a second.
"This feels right.", she said.
And oh how the time comes goin' quickly, in my head.

Oh my, Ah yeah, How high, today?
Oh my, Ah yeah, How high, today?

She says I've got a problem, so I said....

Oh my, Ah yeah, How high, today?
Oh my, Ah yeah, How high, today?

Lyin' in the Rain

Written By: Nathan Holley

Incredible Woman,
Won't you take this hand?
Won't you please just shape my life the way I always planned?
Impossible lady, sittin' right over there,
Do you know that I'd be right next to you, with out a care.
You might think I'm crazy, think I'm just a little insane.
Don't think you could call me yours and let me see your game.
But then I say "hey baby", things just start to change, and then you look deep in my eyes and say, "hey babe".

You were sitting waiting for the weekend.
I was sitting at home lyin' in the rain.
Maybe you might seem to be mistaken cause I can't go out cause there are bills I have to pay.
So then I simplify the reason why I couldn't get out from lyin' in the rain.
Maybe you might seem to be misaken cause I can't leave here, cause it would cause oh too much pain.
Irresistable woman, won't you take this gun?
Said I've been hunting your kind, for way too long.
Crazy Lady, step inside my mind,
and try to see what I've been seeing, it's not just in due time.
But you might think its crazy,
might not want to go along, and sing a song and try,
to write out our own words this time.
But then you say "hey baby.",
"Won't you jsut take my hand?".
And said that we could be, the all that we, we want to be, you said that we......



Written By: Nathan Holley

You, you step on the reason we are. You keep all the truth inside, yeah.
And I, I cannot believe that the stars, they wrote out you and I, yeah.
But then the feelings they come out to play, the whole thing it slips away.
And now you know I did always try, but there were things I had to find.
As the feeling comes to mind, another truth I had to find.
And if the truth will not find me, at least you know I always....

But I did try so damn hard. Maybe girl then you did find, the truth is something that we want. Not a thing we want to hide.
And if I ever fail, won't you please pass me on by?
Cause I tried.......

And I tried, to get these feelings out of my lonely, scared, and beat-back head.
Next time, as I walk on down the line, won't you please help me on my sad sorry way?

We are feeling the fear of us, the past we cannot change, yeah.
And now, it's you and I or bust, not willing to rearrange, yeah.
But the past is something that we need, a thing we need to forget.
Right now is all that matters to me, and so I'll try to get.
As the feeling comes to mind, another truth I had to find.
And if the truth will not find me, at least you know I always.....




King Solomon's Grave: Keep the Change, Upper Lounge Affair.
Nathan Holley: Leap of Faith
Nathan's cd appears at and

Set List

We typically play a 2 to 3 hour set/ Songs typically are in no particular order:
Just One of Those Days
Lyin' in the Rain
One Moment Please
When You Came My Way
Building Walls
10, 000 Worlds
Sweet Urbana

Covers include but are not limited to:
Regulate by Nate Dogg and Warren G
Mr.Wendal by Arrested Development
Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hysteria by Muse
Suck my Kiss by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rodeo Clowns by Jack Johnson