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"KSG Review "The upper Lounge Affair""

From the tribal sounding percussion that kicks off "Holdin' Me Down" to the stripped down, acoustic closing tune "Believe," "The Upper Lounge Affair" is an ambitious effort by King Solomon's Grave.

"The Upper Lounge Affair" is filled with several gems. The album's standout track is the fearless "Holdin' Me Down." The song begins with lulling Santana-esque percussion before transcending to blazing guitar and drum work.

The problem arises when this song ends. "Holdin' Me Down" whets the listener's appetite for more innovative songs like it. One has to sift through more obvious tunes like "Sweet Urbana" before finding them.

"Building Walls," a track that pulls these two styles together, is another standout. Perfectly melding the party atmosphere texture with a poppy guitar riff, bouncing bass lines, a darker charging chorus and a guitar solo reminiscent of Pearl Jam.

Other highlights include "Watch What You're Doing," "You" and "10,000 Worlds." Nate Holley's vocals best complement the music on tracks like these. More edgy riffs and chord progressions are explored. When the band follows the ordinary trail of O.A.R.-inspired songs like "Whole Lotta Livin,'" the vocals grow tiresome.

Fans and the house party crowds will no doubt be pleased by "The Upper Lounge Affair," but King Solomon's grave should further explore the trails they started to blaze on "Holdin' Me Down" and "Building Walls."

-Mike Hart - The Daily Vidette

"KSG Review"

Review #1 - Chris Earnhart

King Solomon's Grave is a sometimes funky, sometimes sober college jam band. And their album "The Upper Lounge Affair" has become a staple in my CD player. The album has a good clean crisp sound, the band has talent, and though the sound has a very familiar feel, it is still good music.

I think the main reason that I have listened to the album so much is that it has a great variety. Ranging from songs that get me moving with catchy lyrics and upbeat music like "Whole Lotta Livin" and "Sweet Urbana" to sad, slower songs such as "10,000 Worlds," a song about a young slave girl whose father is hung on a tree that he planted for her when she was little. So it fits whatever my mood I may have.

Highlight: Whole Lotta Livin. It's a catchy non-pop tune, that gets me to sing along and move with the music. It's well-written musically and lyrically. This song really shows off all the great potential the band has to offer. I recommend it live.

Low point?: None. Solid Album. If you like a part, then you are bound to like the whole.

The lead vocals and guitar are full of talent. They definitely take center stage, so it's a good thing for the band that they are as great as they are. The only problem is that I think the rest of the band could really shine too, but they often seem to just back the lead vocal/lead guitar.

So, the overall sound is very pleasing indeed and doesn't get boring. A sound like that needs the participation of the entire band, and they do participate. I would recommend this band to anyone who doesn't have anything against college jam bands really. I say this because the people I know who don't like them just aren't fans of jam bands.

Just don't that because I say that, that KSG is old-news, or "I've heard this one before" rock. They really have talent, and a good, unique sound with a familiar style. Check them out at their site, Have a good one!


King Solomon's Grave: Keep the Change, Upper Lounge Affair.
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With the heavy mass of bands tying to make a niche for themselves, KSG set out to achieve the goal of combining fresh new sounds with the age old hook and ear catching lyrics. Led by Nathan Holley, the band continues to follow in the footsteps of their influences, such as Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ben Harper. Nathan's voice sparkles on every track, with his searing guitar work adding to the musical fire. Bassist Josh Mills is in a league of his own, popping, slapping, and picking his way to bass stardom. Drummer Ethan Deppe takes his years of technical training and applies it to make KSG one smooth running machine. Through relentless touring and constant dedication to improving themselves as a unit and not individuals have they come so far. KSG's sound lends itself to many different genres. They have shared the stage with the likes of Better than Ezra, Seven Mary Three, Cowboy Mouth, Slightly Stoopid, Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, George Lynch from Dokken, Virginia Coalition, and O.A.R. to name a few. Nathan has been spotted playing acoustic at shows with Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Ja-Rule, Ciara, Jo-Jo, Umphrey's McGee, and many more. Intricate live shows, dedication to touring, and the need to satisfy our musical hunger creates the mold for what they can achieve.