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I am a Holy Hip Hop artist with praise and worship stlyle or rap.


Kingsta is getting high praises for his gospel hip hop debut, Prayer Warrior. As a soundman for Dallas, Texas’ Loving Fellowship Baptist Church, rehabilitated hardcore rapper, and father of three, Kingsta has chosen to dedicate his life to reaching a generation of young people who have been desensitized by television and the very music he once performed.
Kingsta, a.k.a. Shandell Daniels, was born in Marshall, Texas but spent the majority of his young life just trying to get by on the streets of Dallas. His mother who was faced with a self-inflicted crisis was unable to provide the bare essentials necessary to keep Kingsta and his two siblings in school and off the streets. Eventually, he found a way to survive via fracturing a few laws that caught up with him in the early 90’s. He continued to depend on these misguided means of obtaining income until he met the Smarts. Kingsta sought temporary employment at their store with hopes of being able to “flip” his pay on the streets. He stated, “each week I planned to give my two weeks notice.” Eventually, grateful for his respectable job and the capability to provide for his family, Kingsta set out to turn his life around. He joined his wife’s church, Loving Fellowship Baptist Church and became an active member, but he still had not put his spiritual life in perspective. Then in June of 2000, a man walked into the store where he worked and asked him to step outside for a moment. With a few chosen words and a prayer, the stranger helped him to accept the Lord as his savior. This was the Rebirth of Kingsta – a second chance.
Armed with his second chance, glorified by God, and supported by his pastor, he decide to write lyrics that rough youngsters would relate to and come to realize it’s “cool” to be a Christian. Kingsta took real life situations to show how to have hope amid crisis. With an extraordinary ability to translate the gospel and funky hip hop beats by his producer Cheese of Late Bloom Productions, Kingsta set out to recruit the unsaved by Braggin’ on Jesus. He told his pastor, Michael Sneed, “my music is the bait and the rest is up to you and the Lord.”
Kingsta has a mission to enlist thousands of Prayer Warriors through an unorthodox method, Rap. Kingsta will not stop Braggin’ on Jesus until everyone knows that if you Come to Jesus he will lead you.
At the completion of the Prayer Warrior album, Kingsta said his eyes swelled up with tears. Not just because he was moved by the experience, but because he was afraid there was someone he didn’t touch. His biggest hope is that one day, through his music, he will be the stranger who helped someone to accept Jesus Christ! Glory Hallelujah!


Prayer Warrior I is the album. "passin us by", "tunnel vision", "call my name", "Glory Hallelujah" have all had radio airplay.

Set List

Passin us by, Glory Hallelujah, He Lifted me, Tunnel Vision, Prayer Warrior, Call my Name, If you need me, I want it all back, Imagine, Braggin.