Kings Without

Kings Without


Influenced by the likes of The Band, Bob Marley, and The Rolling Stones, Kings Without stellar musicianship and their original sound - a blend of rock, reggae, alt. country, funk and soul with a focus on strong honest vocals - is being embraced by fans Coast to Coast.


Kings Without became in 2006 when Todd Dunsmore and Neil Atkinson were introduced through a mutual friend. Neil and his brother Dean Atkinson had plans to start a band on the West Coast for many years. When they met Dunsmore, a unique vocal trio emerged. After a year of trio gigs the band was eager to step it up and recruited drummer Andrew Rollins from Nanaimo University's Jazz program. While on tour, they enjoyed a brief guest performance with long time New York/Toronto music veteran Funky D, formerly of The James Brown Band. He’s now joined the band on bass guitar for their West Coast Homecoming tour.


Kings Without (2008 self-titled debut CD)