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The best kept secret in music



APRIL 23, 1992
"There are many things going on in the world and I would like to contribute in opening other people's eyes through music" These are the words of Ukel "Juckie Junior" Brown, one of Montego Bay's upcoming deejays.
"I want my stardom to reach the heights of the great Bob Marley and allow me to bring truly cultural reggae music to the four corners of the earth.
Like many other people, life was not always easy for him. After leaving the Maldon Secondary School he got into trouble and ended up in reform school. Although his years at the reform school were rough, they were a blessing in disguise as it was there that he gained a lot of experience in the music business.
"During my time in prison (reform school) I was the lead singer in a folk and cultural group" he said.
"The senior officer at the time Mr. Higgins saw my potential and arranged for me to take part in a number of events which won me much needed acclaim" he said.
"Jucckie Junior" said in representing his institution he performed at the Cabil Theatre in St. Ann and entered a deejay contest at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Center in Kingston. He placed 3rd from a field of 17 contestants.
He said his most memorable show was when he performed alongside top entertainers as Ninjaman (who was called Double Ugly at the time) and Rappa Robert and Tippa Lee.
He released his first song "Freedom Blues" a month ago which is based on the life of the great Nelson Mandela. He said he prefers to sing songs with a message like his idol, Bob Marley.
"The slackness I don't like it. People nowadays want to enjoy themselves when listening to music", he said.
Juckie Junior is now working on getting enough recognition before going into the studio. He said that each new song will be done with the hope of winning him favour among music critics as well as to increase his number of fans.
Presently he performs at Cornwall Beach, one of Montego Bay's hottest entertainment spots. He gained a push into the lime light when he appeared on the show "Schoolers" at Mt. Alvernia High School, November last year.
Juckie Junior, who craves for international recognition, said thatthe only way one can make it is through hard work and dedication.
He described the music business today as being competitive but he would like to advise those who will come after him to be persistent and sggressive, but not corrupt in their quest to fame. - THE STAR --STARLITE


Like most roots reggae artists, King Ujah is one man fighting against the injustice of Babylon. And the contents of "Beauty for Ashes", his philosophical weapon, aptly reflects his thought process.
On the opening track, "Shining Light", he presents himself as a worthy soul to join ranks with Moses and other great men in Zion where he will "link with the lion". He means Jah.
Then on the other cut, "Roots Girl", he's back to earth as he yearns for "a roots girl in my life" to be his wife. A divine empress who is fertile, who can cook his tofu and share his bed, he says.
If that sounds a tad like conflict of interest, check the title track, "Beauty for Ashes", on which Ujah, with much forcefulness, predicts, or outlines, Jah's punishment for the wicked.
"Dem gonna get lightning for water, dem gonna get thunder for music, dem gonna get fire for dem ungodliness," he sings.
After other songs such as, "Half The Story", "Remember Me", Ujah closes the 13-track album with "Nothing Can Stop Us".
The CD is an appropriate vehicle through which this grassroot man gets the chance to rant and rave and predicts doom and gloom, and highlights the failure of mankind.
From a cultural viewpoint, "Beauty For Ashes", on the King Ujah Record Label, is an interesting album. - LIONEL GAYLE--TORONTO


NOVEMBER 18, 1992
One of the entertainers who the audience is going to love very much is dee-jay Juckie Junior when he appears at "Schoolers Showdown" next week Saturday at Walter Fletcher Beach.
The first time this writer saw Juckie Junior perform was at Cornwall Beach late last year. Some young American girls who were in the audience suddenly went wild when Juckie appeared on stage as a side kick to singer Hindu. Before Juckie could complete his final piece, the girls literally pulled him away and soon carted him off across the road to the Fantasy Resort.
Juckie was in the news lately after he was bitten by dogs at the last Reggae Sunsplash. He made all the headlines of the Major papers in Jamaica and as a dee-jay many people were looking for a record from him concerning his dilemma. Juckie says that this record is now ready and it will be his trump card for "Schoolers Showdown".
Appearing with Juckie Junior are Chiney Eye, Grip Wrench, Little Mice, Major Lloyd, Junior Reid, Tony Rebel, and Capleton. They will be backed by the Indika Band. Mcs are Julia Meikle of Radio Waves And RJR's Richie "B" Burgess.


If you weren't at the New Bambu by the Lake on May 24, 2003, you missed your chance to reach the HIGHEST LEVEL.
King Ujah kicked off the first of many phazes of the Highest Level. Talented artists included Spida & Lloyd Wedderburn (The Duo), they know how to get the party poppin'. Mikhal Fury who can soften the coldest of hearts with his sweet fury of words. Michael Garrick with his own special rendition of the past we so love. Donna Makeda, and Chester Miller also put on amazing performances. The second set started with Blessed. This Juno winner has the gift of giving and he was definitely receiving the love from all the people in the house.
Now that set got off to a late start, but the people were lovin every minute of it.
Finally, the featured artist was introduced by Jonathan Shaw of Flow 93.5 FM and Ron Nelson of CKLN 88.1 FM. King Ujah had everyone in the house lovin the vibes that he set off as only a King can do. Everyone needed to know about the Highest Level Phaze 1 and how it came to be. I asked the one person who would have the answer, King Ujah.
"Why the Highest Level Phase 1??"
"Well, highest Level Phaze 1 got this name because in Canada we have alot of great artists and these artists never get a chance to rise. They are sabotaged by inside and outside promoters because these promoters get their "friends" to perform at a lesser cost, which leaves the professional artists overlooked and not put onshows. Highest Level Phaze 1 was created for the artist that has talent. If you are a tough upcoming artist, or a veteran, then yes, you will have a place with the Highest Level Phaze 1 with plenty of stages to come. We are not here to overlook anyone, we want every serious artist to have their time, and the Highest Level gives you YOUR TIME!"
"Where would you like this to go? How far??"
"Like I've always said, I'm here to do Jah works, so I would like to see the Highest Level reach the four corners of the earth. To let all the people know that Canada has the toughest artists and we can match up to all other tough artists around the world."
Eventually, King Ujah would like the HIghest Level Phaze 1 to be not only the place to showcase the toughest artists, but also the place to receive Awards in other areas of the music business. Peace.


Recording artist King Ujah was one of several who performed at last Thursday's Champions in Action event, put on by Total Eclipse Entertainment at Planet Africa Restaurant in Toronto. It was a night full of singing, and dee-jays, although there were more artists there than there were patrons. - Canada Extra Vibe Magazine--March 13-19, 2006


Juckie Junior (Ukel Brown), fresh from Montego Bay, Jamaica, will perform at the 12th annual presentation of the Canadian Reggae Music Awards on March 10, at the Toronto Airport Hilton. Before coming to Toronto Juckie released four singles -- Freedom Blues, Hill & Gully Ride, Gal Uno Sweet, and Stop It. He performed on major shows, including Shock '94, Summer Fest, All School Jam and Marcus Garvey Birthday Bash. - Share Magazine



Albums Released Are:
BEAUTY FOR ASHES / 13 tracks - 2003

Singles released are:

-Glorify the King
-For My Homies
-Stolen Moments
-Freedom Blues
-Hill an Gully
-Stop It
-Gal uno Sweet
-Let mi go Home
-Light up the Fire
-Give a little to the Poor
-Miles Away
-Cockburn Pen/Time to Have Fun

Duets released are:

-Makin Love Tonite duet W/ Lady "D"
-Woman of Virtue duet W/ Lady "D"
-Hotzone W/Lady D & Comfort


Feeling a bit camera shy



What becomes a king? For King Ujah, his castle is built on solid principles of integrity, perseverance and a strong commitment to the Almighty. His crowning glory is reggae music that the fertile Jamaican soil nurtures.

He made his official debut at the tender age of ten when he preformed for his grade four class. Some people grow into their vocations over time, while others are instinctively drawn to it. For King Ujah his calling came at birth, his love for music and innate gifts to perform and create is immediately recognizable in his stage performance and presence. Growing up, a persistent and tenacious desire to refine himself as an artist kept him involved in the highly competitive music business of Jamaica. He thrived on the challenge and cut his teeth by performing at clubs and contest quickly earning a name for himself "as an artist to be reckoned with."

In 1987, armed with life experience and a great understanding of his art form, King Ujah got his first break at the Pop & Variety DJ Contest in Kingston, Jamaica. Back then he developed a following under the stage name "Juckie Junior."
"I want to bring truly cultural reggae music to the four corners of the earth. That has always been my goal and I believe that I will achieve it."

King Ujah has proven himself to be a versatile artist, winning fans over with sheer talent and tenacity. His status as a bona fide artist was acknowledged with invitations to perform at Jamaica's most prestigious and popular events: Reggae's Sunsplash blastoff at Walter Fletcher's Beach and Reggae Sunfest. With a steady stream of popular singles making deep inroads in England and America, King Ujah has maintained an international presence even as far away as Japan where his photo appeared in the youth driven publication "Guidepost."


February 2007
Video shoot for hot new single ¡°HOT ZONE¡± w/ Lady ¡°D¡± and the Comfort Singer ¡ªTO BE RELEASED JUNE

August 28, 2006
Roots Banna P.2
The Reverb

August 5, 2006
Nathan Philips Square
Toronto Irie Festival

February 2005
Bob Marley Birthday Bashment

August 14, 2004
Calgary Reggae Festival
Burns Stadium

August 5, 2004
Nathan Philips Square
Toronto Irie Festival

February 28, 2004
Calgary Reggae Festival
The Night Gallery
1209B 1st Street SW

February 25, 2004
Ocean's Bay Nightclub
100 Bridgeland Ave, Toronto, ON
(South of Dufferin and Wilson)

October 25, 2003
Bambu by the Lake
The Crowning of King Ujah

August 15, 2003
Bambu by the Lake
Partrick Roots B-day Bash

July 26, 2003
Jamica Day
Keelsdale Park

July 05, 2003
Street Festival
Yonge & Bloor St. Toronto

May 24, 2003
Bambu by the Lake
Highest Level - Phaze 1
Featuring: King Ujah, Blessed, Chester Miller, Donna Makeda, Micheal Garick, Kikhal Fury, Spida & LLoyd Wedderburn and the Explosion Band