Kingz Kidz

Kingz Kidz


We are two saved young men with a vision given straight from the windows of Heaven. A Gospel Rap Minister and a Gospel Inspirational Singer with an anointing behind our ministry


Kingz Kidz Entertainment has been established since June 02, 2006, but the
vision began to manifest in April of 2006. Kingz Kidz vision is to replace the
negative music that is flooding our youth and adults mind, with music that can teach and guide youth and adults to the King (our Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ").

Kingz Kidz Entertainment is an entertainment company based out of Hempstead, New York. We as a company and being saved young men realize the hunger that people are seeking these days. Kingz Kidz is willing and ready to witness to them thru music which is a powerful tool in this generation.

On August 26, 2006 Kingz Kidz Entertainment will have a live video taped concert featuring various Gospel Artists from far and near: Jeff Roberson & Life, NuGenesys, Queen Ester of Perfecting Faith Ministries etc.. to help lift up the name of Jesus.