KinK vs KinK

KinK vs KinK


KinK vs KinK is a you threeman band. Their self written songs are explosive punkrock/grunge, with a twist of jazz, ska, funk or other styles. They have a very unike sound, they're powerfull but have pop elements in it to make it easy to swallow.


Thimo started "KinK" as a 12 year old boy with some friends, influenced by Jive Jones, Sum 41 and The Rolling Stones. The members kept on changing and finnally they met Rick in 2005, with him on the drums the band was complete.


Demo1: De Grens
Demo2: Sheperd Nol
Demo3: The Farm

Set List

We write our own songs, but we always put some coversongs between our own songs. And we have some really exiting punkcovers!
We don't play longer than 2 hours, after such a set we're pretty dead.