Kinky Nixon and the Fat City Workshop

Kinky Nixon and the Fat City Workshop


Rock music with Pop and Blues mixed in. We try to make music that sounds best when played at top volume.


The music sounds like classic rock, but we pride ourselves on having a diverse sound. "Big Crash" is full of pop songs, while "F*** City" is influenced by classic artists like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and other blues based rock acts. "Elected" has a more political bent, while "Buckle Up, Spanky" is more in the vein of "F*** City".


we have no major radio play. We have released three albums and are currently working on a fourth. The albums are "Big Crash", "Elected", and "F*** City". The album currently in production is "Buckle Up, Spanky".

Set List

The length of the set list depends on how long we have the stage. Usually, we are on for about an hour. We can generally play about ten songs, though which ten songs depends on what Jeff chooses to play that night. He starts each song by his own choice, then usually rips right into the next song with out consultation. He's pretty hard to control when on stage.