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Kinky Notti

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Kinky Notti is Chicago's love child: a sonic collision of funk, soul, hip hop, pop & rock. Kinky Notti presents themselves as an intersection of art, culture, fashion, sensuality, rebellion, spirituality, possibility and just plain old fun- a refreshing new expression of the modern human experience.


Born out of a collaborative sound of hip-hop, blues, pop, funk, dance and rock, Kinky Notti is an eclectic blend of artistic approach and personalities. The artists who make up the group were each influenced by the long standing music tradition of their native city, Chicago, Illinois. Kinky Notti remains faithful to the elements that comprise the city's musical past and present, fusing their influences into one sound that the group has coined "Kink Not".

Tshurhad Chivas is the blazing voice you hear leading the music through its swing of emotions, channeling energy into the lyrics and production. Havanah Maxie is a rare multi-talent in the realm of music and fine arts, lending her vocals and instrumentation to the Kinky Notti sound. Naim cuts his unparalleled gift of turntable-ism into the stew pot of instrumentation and production. Behind the scenes, K. Scott brings production and engineering qualities to the table, while Enzyme, born Pascal Maynard, contributes his laid-back style of production.

Currently, Kinky Notti is in the process of releasing their debut LP entitled "Succumb", a project the group states, "...will exemplify what it means to freely express and live passionately, leading life with the heart and spirit as a paired guide".

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1. Succumb
2. Beneath The Deck
3. IUSW (Say You Will)
4. Nasty Nasty
5. Respirator Thump
6. Not The First
7. 100 Pieces
8. Ghetto Love
9. Bottom Lady
10. Heartbreaker

Set List

15-45 minute set. Midi track or live instrumentation.