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"What is Kinky Notti?"

What is Kinky Notti?
Ken Payne

Kinky Notti is a Chicago-based trio that blends hip-hop, rock and blues into what has become a sound only to be described as their own. Though the band has worked with each other for years they've only been together as a unit for less than six months – but you wouldn't know it by hearing them perform. Leading man Tshurhad Chivas delivers an intense passion that is complimented stylishly by band mates Sydney Charles and Havana Maxie who sing as beautifully as they appear. Though Kinky Notti is currently busy recording their full-length LP, "The Izzness", they have not compromised their live schedule, playing such cities as New Orleans and Chicago's own Double Door. I recently observed the band at the latter after hearing through the grapevine rumblings that Kinky Notti was one of Chicago's up and coming artists, and they certainly did not disappoint.
Kinky's show was as colorful as it was musical filled with class and energetic "babymaking" music. In fact, if you didn't bring a date, you'd most likely be scouring the room for someone to go home with. Just before Kinky Notti began, sexy girls in lingerie graced the stage with platters of cheese and grapes, setting the mood for what was to come. Without a doubt, the band knows how to write and convey sexiness via their individual performances dosed in uniquely interesting touches of class.
What I found in meeting the Kinky members afterwards was an intelligent group of songwriters who understand the importance of theatrics in their performances as well as developing intimate relationships with audience members. Each has their own different musical influences that they bring to the table in their own way.
"Because we are throwing together multiple genres of music you are going to have some creative differences," Tshurhad explains. "But as long as everybody understands respect and that what is brought to the table is authentic and legitimate, then before you know it you have a slammin' joint."
With that being said, they've apparently figured out how to blend their backgrounds together for one hip-grabbing, sultry sound.
"We call it "Block Hop", which is blues rock, hip-hop. That's our genre that we coined," explained Havana referring to the band's sound, Block Hop.
Kinky Notti's songs such as "Nasty Nasty" (a tribute to Ol' Dirty Bastard), "Pissporatic", "Respirator Thump" and "Beneath the Deck" can only be described as such, though their music goes beyond a sound category – they've also got something to say. "Beneath the Deck" is an eye-opening track Kinky likens to "The Game of America".
"It's about the unfair playing hand that has been dealt in the game of America", states Havana. "It's basically about how we have not been told the rules properly – it's a racial reference."
"It's kind of an extended metaphor about not being free – still being trapped," added Tshurard.
Kinky explained further explained the importance of spreading their gospel in the hopes change can still be made and did acknowledge a difference can be made through the podium of music.
"At times you think there's progress, but at other times you think that people are on the same shit. It's just a little bit more disguised now, but overall many people are still on the same vibe. We should be over that by now. Why should we have to continually retrogress? We need to stop teaching our kids that shit. Peace to the babies," Tshurard elaborated.
"Be the free or the fool, there can be no excuse," added Havana. "This is the challenge we're laying out to everyone."
Though some of the band's songs tackle heavier subjects like "Beneath the Deck", the majority of their music is simple, fun, and sexy – about having a good time with no regrets.
"We like to be a little more "Kinky" than "Notti", Tshurard jokes.
Kinky Notti...I had to ask. Just what does Kinky Notti mean?
"It's a play on words," Tshurard replied. "It's like righteousness with the hair – the knotty, knotty hair."
"You have to be a rebel to wear dreadlocks. It's a mindset you have to go into if you want to be "Notti" like that,' Havana added. "You know, you can't get a job with your hair like that. And then there's "Notti" or naughty N-AU-G-H-T-Y – naughty, be kinky. Let your sexuality show. "Have a one night stand. Have a one night stand...with three people," laughs Tshurard. "Do your damn thing. That's basically where we're coming from."
Kinky Notti is a band that certainly has the ability to convey such a fun theme into their live performances. If you like silky-smooth female vocals, a soulful frontman, clever lyrics and an entertaining atmosphere, you'll dig Kinky Notti – it's that simple. To see what you've been missing, be sure to check out more about the band at
- Ken Payne- 07

"Paparazzi New Years Eve Performance 2007-2008"

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1. Succumb
2. Beneath The Deck
3. IUSW (Say You Will)
4. Nasty Nasty
5. Respirator Thump
6. Not The First
7. 100 Pieces
8. Ghetto Love
9. Bottom Lady
10. Heartbreaker



Born out of a collaborative sound of hip-hop, blues, pop, funk, dance and rock, Kinky Notti is an eclectic blend of artistic approach and personalities. The artists who make up the group were each influenced by the long standing music tradition of their native city, Chicago, Illinois. Kinky Notti remains faithful to the elements that comprise the city's musical past and present, fusing their influences into one sound that the group has coined "Kink Not".

Tshurhad Chivas is the blazing voice you hear leading the music through its swing of emotions, channeling energy into the lyrics and production. Havanah Maxie is a rare multi-talent in the realm of music and fine arts, lending her vocals and instrumentation to the Kinky Notti sound. Naim cuts his unparalleled gift of turntable-ism into the stew pot of instrumentation and production. Behind the scenes, K. Scott brings production and engineering qualities to the table, while Enzyme, born Pascal Maynard, contributes his laid-back style of production.

Currently, Kinky Notti is in the process of releasing their debut LP entitled "Succumb", a project the group states, "...will exemplify what it means to freely express and live passionately, leading life with the heart and spirit as a paired guide".

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