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Money- QuarterBird
Ballers- QuarterBird, Rukis Loc, Big Sloan
Move On- Rukis Loc
Slammer - QuarterBird, Rufus D, Rukis Loc



Kinnfolkkmobb was first introduced onto the scene in 2009 by group members QuarterBird and Rufus D of Mo Thug Music. The fellow group members: Rukis Loc, Tazz and LG Mac round out this powerhouse hip hop phenomena. The band's influences can be traced back to artists such as Sista Soldier, Tupac, Crucial Conflict, Twister, PsycoDrama Biggie Smalls, UGK, 8-Ball and MJG ,Bone thugs n harmony to name a few. Kinnfolkkmobb's gritty and stylish approach to their stories of street shenanigans, life lessons and love combined with R&B elements leave fans wanting to hear more from this talented group.

Kinnfolkkmobb began as just an idea by group members QuarterBird and Rufus D while they were incarcerated. Both QuarterBird and Rufus D were serving a 10 year sentence ranging from kidnapping, drug possession and robbery. While incarcerated they would share their ideas on how they would go about bringing Kinnfolkkmobb to life. They made a pact to write a new song each week. Each with a strong will to succeed, defined success within their purpose. Upon being released, they strived to create that very image that they endorsed in their minds for so many years. With both members being G. D. members, they wanted more than just gang life. In their words, “We are not a gang, we are a nation". Not wanting to limit their associations, they decided to create something that reverberated equality. That Crips, Blood, V.L., and even Mexican gangs can relate to (Kinnfolkk.) Kinnfolkkmobb is defined as: individuals that share a common ground within a struggle in life. QuarterBird quoted, “The music just came naturally". While both members were on parole they began pushing Kinnfolkkmobb as an indie label known as Nationwide Affiliated. Stemming from their ties ranging from Georgia, Chicago, Florida, California and Minneapolis Nationwide Affiliated was born. From the north all the way back down to the south, they are connected. During their quest members Tazz, LG Mac and Rukis Loc contributed to the cause and helped to round out Kinnfolkkmobb. They were later introduced to Grammy award winning artist Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs n harmony who agreed to endorse the group. At that time the Mo Thugs Label was given to them based on a promise to promote and continue to produce great music.