Kinobe & the Messengers of Hope

Kinobe & the Messengers of Hope


Kinobe embodies the Spirit of Africa, sharing beauty, lifestyle and culture. He uses the joy and depth of his music to share hope in new ways that humanity is gaining ground in eradicating poverty, increasing social justice, and bringing peace, education and human rights into our common humanity.


Born near Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kinobe (Chi-no-bay) began playing music at the age of 6 and his first international performance was at the age of ten with his school ensemble, touring the Netherlands. On his return to Uganda he joined the Ndere troupe in Kampala where he spent 3 years learning and performing.
After that he started to take part in several children art programs in Uganda and at 16, on the invitation of Unicef Ambassador HE. Michel Sidibé, he worked closely with Unicef during the special session on children to support the Girl Education campaign, working with schools and communities around the country.
He continued ocasional performances in Europe and by the time he was 21, he had visited countries within Africa, studying and playing with other traditional musicians.

Over the years as a touring musician, he has performed on numerous festivals along other African celebrated artists and in 2007, under the support of CulturesFrance, Kinobe made his first major tour to 18 countries around Africa and the Indian Ocean.

With a fresh and unique sound coming from Uganda, Kinobe is at the verge of captivating audiences with virtuoso performances reflecting a wealth of African and world influences.
A multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Kinobe's has dedicated his life to championing for a better future for children worldwide and using his music as a voice to unite the world.

He is proud to be a World Ambassodor for the Harmony Foundation of Canada, supporting their important work on poverty, environmental protection, social development and improving the lives of children and their families around the world.


Searching for Survival: 2013
Kinobe and the African Sensation: 2012
Awamu N'emikwano/Together with friends: 2011
Leaving the Song behind: 2011
Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa: 2009
Soul Language: 2007

Tuli Wamu: with Phil Aaberg: 2011
Mutima ku mutima: With Virginia children's choir: 2011
Nomad: with Michael Waters: 2008

Set List


A repertoire of Ugandan traditional songs and original compositions showcasing Koras, Kalimbas, Adungus, Endongos, percussion – blending with guitars and deep soulful vocals, transforming the ambiance from high dance grooves into intimate roots and acoustic moods.
Kinobe's performances bring the audience into the artist's world - into the savannah, the mountains, the forests of Africa which carry the people and their music. His original compositions carry powerful messages of freedom, Environmental protection, children, human rights, social development and unity.

Easily engaging, Kinobe's solo performances bring the audience into a deep intimacy. He talk about his instruments, how their songs relate to nomadic and village lives, and how they can turn a simple phrase into cascading beauty, Kinobe carries all with him on the nomad's pathway. This set showcasing only tradition