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Members: Graham Palmer (vocals/guitar/piano); Kevin Hamel (drums); Rob Taylor (drums); James Longoria (lead guitar); and John Tevis (bass).

Albums: The Long, All Along (to be released winter 2007 on Corporate Nightmare Records).

Style: Alt indie pop/rock.

Prior Gigs: SOhO, The Wildcat, Muddy Waters, Frog & Peach.

The Skinny: Singer/songwriter Palmer was approached by Zach Madden and Mike Echternacht of Corporate Nightmare Records in 2005 to do a solo album, but came up with a band name too awesome to pass up for a solo career. Kinothek, a music book used in 1920s Germany during screenings of silent films, became a consistent songwriting theme for Palmer as he brought together talented high school friends ready to rock after lazy days working in the Santa Ynez Valley’s wine industry. With songwriting influences ranging from Thom Yorke to Eddie Vedder, the band’s self-described sound is “Ben Folds meets Radiohead with a grunge feel.” Palmer’s songwriting blends his personal experience, social politics, and the environment with a soaring, anthemic pop/rock musicality that’s inspirational but not preachy. Their live shows are loud and fun, and these guys are too talented to miss. See and - Santa Barbara Independent


The Long, All Along (2007, Corporate Nightmare Records)



Kinothek was formed in the fall of 2006 by Graham Palmer who had been floating from project to project after the dismantling of his former band, Brandhagen. Palmer’s first phone call was to drummer and long-time friend Kevin Hamel, who was on board with the project from day one. The two began crafting Palmer’s new song ideas, preparing to both record them and play them live. After a month or two of rehearsals, Palmer and Hamel were ready to take the next step. With this entirely new arsenal of songs (and a few 18-packs of Tecate), Kinothek teamed up with Corporate Nightmare Records co-proprietor and musical producer Zach Madden (whom Palmer met through mutual friend and CNR “idea man” Mike Echternacht) with the intentions of recording a full-length record. Madden had just finished recording and producing the first two albums for CNR, his very own Don’t Come Back Too Small as well as Skin & Light by The White Fires of Venus, and was eager to dive into another project. After completion of the first two records Madden began a six month studio remodel, so the recording operation for Kinothek was moved to Palmer’s house in Buellton, where the songs were created. Most of the record was structured and demoed during these six months, and more players were added to make the live show a possibility.

Madden’s studio remodel was completed in March of 2007, marking the official start to the Kinothek record. Palmer and Madden’s full attention has now turned to this record, tentatively entitled The Long, All Along. Madden is heading up the production, with the help of Palmer and film scoring talent Bruce Winter. Local guitar legend Rob Taylor has been helping out with the guitar playing on the record, and Winter has been laying down the bass tracks. Madden has described the music as “The Killers meet the Cure wearing My Morning Jackets,” alluding to the grand choruses and ambient themes that tend to be prevalent in Palmer’s songs. The record is still in full swing, with a tentative release date this June. Kinothek is excited to be a part of CNR, and has high hopes and expectations for this independent record label.