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I Don't Do Business In Doorways

Written By: Jamie Davis, Cory Eaves

As startling as it seems, your world isn't what you reflect.
It's a bitter case to repeatedly fabricate,
make splendor, then defect.
We squint our eyes and shade the sun,
counteracting the odds of what seems to be seen.
You can hardly walk, but still,
you manage to throw yourself at our feet (and down we lean).


We're present but not here. We oblige out of fear.
Enablers without any mirrors.
Count on us about as much as you can count on yourself.

I don't do business in doorways.


We take the same shapes with different forms.
Where i'm sitting has taken the form of uncomfortable,
but the place where i stand doesn't exist.
We're decieving no one but ourselves, and it's so obvious.

Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

Written By: Josh Gabbard, Cory Eaves, Jamie Davis

I've thought of an apology for everything I've never done wrong.
I was up all night, and now I'm moving on.
Pull a little harder, and we'll resist a little more.
You're intentions will always miss our ambitions, and our thoughts.


Thanks for the change,
it's been awhile since I've felt this way.
I should have told you, we needed you on that.
Thanks for the change,
after everything you've said, it's all the same.
I thought you told us, you're promoting our career.
Thanks for the change.

Do not forget to sign for us,
you haven't done enough,
unless you re-arm our shaking hands.

Stunts like that are whats getting your name onto paper, and into ears.
I've had enough and now I'm moving on.
I've been meaning to tell you, I'm pretty good on my own.


Bad Things. Good People. Panama City

Written By: Josh Gabbard, Cory Eaves, Jamie Davis

I saw the lines on the page,
that clearly said if you had a bullet, and a trigger, you'd pull it.

Betrayal is your best, when you reach your full potential.
If I had the money, I'd pay you to live with yourself.

I can't walk away, knowing you won't hurt,
you're so deserving now.
There isn't much that's safe, or even safe to say, it's safe to say that much.


Please send for someone, I'm sure I'll be here awhile.
On second thought, I've never been given so much as a finger.
So we'll leave hope of out this.



At The Hands of Waves, Enormous EP - 2006

Set List

Bad Things. Good People. Panama City.
Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?
Waves, Enormous
Heads Can Only Turn So Far
Whips The Length Of Decades
Every Teenager Is A Palm Tree
I Don't Do Business In Doorways
Routine For A Limited Time