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Staten Island, New York, United States | SELF

Staten Island, New York, United States | SELF
Band Christian Rock




"Kinship Press Release - October 2012"

Contact: Jackie Vazquez


On September 28, 2012 the Kinship band came into a music agreement with Tate Music Group (Tate Music Group, Tate Publishing and their respected logos are trademarked by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC.). Tate Music Group, based in Mustang, Oklahoma, partners with its artists to provide them with the production, manufacturing, distribution and promotion they need to succeed in today's music industry.
After much prayer and consultation, Kinship is confident that God has directed them in this path. Kinship is very excited to have entered into a new chapter in their ministry and plan to release their second album in 2013. As always, Kinship is grateful for you continued support and prayers.

About Kinship:
Kinship is a Contemporary worship band out of New York City. The band consists of five members Jackie Vazquez, Jon Navarro, Katherine Navarro-Patrylo, Jon Shinnick and Trevor Benjamin who although they come from different walks of life, they are united in their music and in their ministry. While they serve in different churches, they know they serve ONE GOD. Kinship’s music defines an exciting worship atmosphere where you feel free to worship God unashamedly. Their powerful testimonies show how imperfect our lives may be, but when we submit to the Father he makes all things new. Kinship is currently touring the Greater NYC Area after the release of their debut album “Kinship,” which means "family" in July 2012.

Lord, we don't want to go if you're not coming. –Kinship

If you would like more information about Kinship please visit their Reverbnation page at: Also, like the band on Facebook , follow them on Twitter @thekinshipband and check out their YouTube page to stay up-to-date with the latest information.
- The Kinship Band

"Local Band Hosts Album Release Show"

Written by Keisha Frazier - On July 7th at First Congregational Church hall on Beach 94th Street, the band KINSHIP held what many referred to as the hottest concert of the year - pun intended. Despite the 98-degree weather, nearly 200 people ditched the beach to attend the band's deput album release concert. - The Wave - Rockaway's Newspaper

"Kinship Band Debuts Self Entitled Album"

"We are always wanting more, never stopping, never being complacent, and never giving up. With God on our side we can be 'Invincible'" - John Navarro -

"“Interview with Rev Kev” on Blog Talk Radio"

Listen in as Rev Kev talks with Kinship about their debut album, family and how God remains the center of their ministry. - Rev Kev





October 2006 was the beginning of what would prove to be a difficult journey but well worth the time and effort. Kinship's music began as Contemporary Worship but very evangelistic in nature. Coming from a background of alcohol and drug abuse created in us a desire to use our music to tell our stories. Fast forward to August 2010 and our band has come full circle. We are still an evangelistic ministry but strongly grounded in the Word of God and influenced heavily by a need to Worship our Creator.

Our music is a mixture of the different styles of the 5 members of the band. The advantage of having 5 members of different nationalities, different ages, different churches is that our set list is very diverse. You have Can't Breathe which is influenced by our contemporary music background, we have Holy which is a deep felt worship song, we have The Truth which has a punk/rock vibe.

Jackie Vazquez has been serving the Lord for about 12 years. Many of those years were spent learning what it truly means to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. It was in that learning process that God birthed the ministry of Kinship in her spirit. Jackie came to the Lord as she was in the process of getting a divorce but that was not in God's plan. She has now been married for 20 years and has two beautiful children and takes every opportunity to let others know that God is still in the miracle making business.

Katherine Navarro Patrylo not only has an amazing voice but is also an amazing worship leader. As a Pastor's wife she brings to the band a unique perspective in regard to evangelism and the need to reach the lost and hurting. Having a church located in Far Rockaway in a neighborhood deeply in need has raised her awareness and her desire to continue to get the Word out that Jesus Christ saves. The Lord has blessed her with two children and she currently works as a music teacher in Rockaway Park.

John Shinnick brings to the band a rock vibe that is undeniable. Having spent many years playing rock music before coming to serve the Lord, this ministry gives him an opportunity to take the gift God gave him to use it to glorify his Savior. He has a powerful testimony that we often incorporate into our sets because of it's life-changing message. He was a drug-addict and spent many years held bound by addiction. Having finally received Jesus when he cried out in desperation for a Savior has transformed his life. He now is involved in the work being done at a 360 House for men struggling with addiction and attends Recovery House of Worship. Recently married and the proud father of a brand new baby girl has once again transformed his life.

Trevor Benjamin is our amazing drummer. His joy for the Lord is the backbone of this ministry. He truly transformed Kinship. Trevor truly appreciates the need for an evangelistic ministry in our cities. Having watched his friends fall prey to gangs and drugs he has a unique perspective and brings that to this ministry. Trevor came to the Lord as a young man and was not led astray by the temptations of the world. He stands firm in his faith and is a great example of what a man of God is. Trevor is married and the father of two children and an example to many more.

Jonathan Navarro is our newest and youngest member. He brings to the band a much needed youthful spirit. He has contributed to the band many original songs with a much younger vibe and the joy in his style has become an essential part of this ministry. He is currently studying business and serves the Lord in Far Rockaway. He is quickly becoming Kinship's visionary, believing that God is going to use this ministry far more than we could ever imagine.