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Kip Fox

Anthem, Arizona, United States

Anthem, Arizona, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Music - Nov 2008"

Its a pretty good crowd for a Saturday
And the manager gives me a smile
Cause he knows that it is me they’ve been comin’ to see
To forget about life for a while….
And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar
And say man what are you doing here?

-Billy Joel

If you substitute Saturday for Thursday in the above lyrics, Billy Joel’s classic rock ballad, Pianoman, identifies closely with young local guitarist, Kip Fox. Every Thursday night at the Camelback Inn JW Marriott R-Bar and Garden Terrace, crowds lounge comfortably around the warm flames of fire pits sipping cocktails and wine as Fox performs. Under the canopy of palms, waterfall gently babbling below the stage, Fox stands stoically with his guitar and friend and bassist Rob Wren at his side. Fox teases the crowd with David Gray, Oasis and other covers, but it is his original compositions that draw the crowd’s attention. His utter belief in his melodies, the brutal honesty of his lyrics, the yearning and emotion that resonates through his voice are rare qualities. Rarer still is the fact that he performs as if no one is watching; openly exploring his talents, leading him wherever the music takes him. His performance leaves no questions lingering the audience is witnessing a talented musician - one with something to say.

Like many artists in today’s technology obsessed, American Idol influenced, teenage driven music industry, Fox battles the masses who wish to hear more of the same. Instead, he has pushed the creative envelope subtly incorporating the musical influences he has been exposed to throughout his life into a sound of his own. “I was a huge R&B fan; Boyz2Men, Brian McKnight and R. Kelly were my favorites. I also loved Michael Jackson’s music and still do. Later on in high school I discovered Billy Joel and James Taylor and only in the last few years did I ever listen to a Beatles album. While my parents took me to my first concert, Neil Diamond, the rest of my musical discoveries were through exploration.” The sound that Fox creates is similar to that of John Mayer or Edwin McCain, but the somewhat incongruous afflictions in his voice parallel more closely with his passion for R&B, making his sound truly unique and a crossover of several genres.

Fox’s greatest musical achievement and self professed ‘dream experience’ came in 2007, with the release of his first album, Astronaut. The album was recorded predominantly in New Jersey, with the guitars and bass captured in Nashville and further additions in New York. “I really worked with the people who I wanted to work with on the album. I had to be patient, I had to be flexible, but by doing so I got the best out of each artist. The end result is exactly the sound I was wanting,” Fox added.

And Astronaut does not disappoint. From the opening Those Eyes through to the twelfth and title track Astronaut, Kip Fox shamelessly invites you to visit the places that so many people repress. He opens doors to untapped spaces and sheds light into the darkest corners. The juxtaposition of vulnerable lyrics against a background of powerful delivery leaves the listener satisfied that this musician is grounded, and that his interpretations and experiences are that of a man of his generation. Kip Fox is a talent, and Astronaut is far better than just “commercially sound.”

Fox has a dedicated following. If you would like to see him live, visit the R Bar at the Camelback Inn JW Marriott Resort in Scottsdale on a Thursday evening between 6PM and 10PM, or purchase his album online at By purchasing the album you will be giving this North Valley resident an opportunity to continue his passion, as well as allowing more people to hear what he has to say next.
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Astronaut (Full Length CD-2008)
EPK with full CD and video clips at



Growing up in “the O.C.”, Kip picked up a Takamine 6-string birds-eye Maplewood
guitar after moving from his childhood home in Northern California’s wine
country. What he couldn't make happen with three chords on a $200 guitar he
made up for in God-given vocal chords. Kip's singing began to capture a fan base
before he ever cut a record. One of Kip's first songs, "Why Don't Chicks Dig
Me," co-written with a high school friend, showed the world that his honest
personality, and dry sense of humor, wouldn't escape his songwriting. Fast
forward through nine years of playing, not playing, singing, writing, college-ing,
traveling, and gigging, to the present-day Kip Fox.

Now living in Arizona, Kip’s empowering lyrics and impressive musicianship push
through commercial noise and bring a fresh perspective on an ever-changing
universe. To Kip, music is laughter and pain, passion and apathy, a deep soul and
a shallow smile. The world is one big playlist, with everyone looking for
something they can listen to day and night, at work and at home, with a budding
love affair or a broken heart.

All this is found in Kip’s latest release "Astronaut.” From the playfully
scathing “Those Eyes”, to classic lead foot songs like “Heart That You Broke,”
and “Long Way Home,” the entire album is enfused with attainable versification
set to effortless melody, and will undoubtedly stay in your player for days on
end. Throw in some of the some of the most sincerely soulful vocals around,
and you’ve got yourself an album and an artist you’ll find yourself needing.

Hello all, meet Kip Fox.