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The best kept secret in music


"Places CD Review,"

Listening To Kip White sing his songs on his new CD Places is a lot like having a deep and prolonged conversation with your best friend, or maybe an old high school buddy, that you haven’t seen in a lifetime. In short, it’s a thoughtful and rewarding experience that includes a myriad of emotions, from profoundly personal introspection to howling laughter. White develops an interesting theme through the course of the CD by relating the stages of life and growth to various geographic locations, hence the title. The result is a CD that you won’t rush through or relegate to the background, but rather it is one to savor and enjoy with the CD jacket and lyrics in hand. White helps listeners explore the great themes of life such as love, faith, dreams, pain, reconciliation, and beauty. There is rich acoustic instrumentation on this recording that serves to augment its one-on-one intimacy. White employees a blend of finger style and flat pick strumming which has been well recorded and warmly mixed with his fine voice and the various other instruments such as the upright bass, mandolin, steel guitar and violin. The mellow music provides an excellent context for White’s poetic lyrics. Of the fourteen songs offered on the CD, listeners will be hard pressed to select favorites, because all of the songs are well written and speak of relevant themes. Every song is equally well produced with no sonic distractions. Places is a work of art that all music lovers, poetry lovers, and students of life will enjoy and should add to their collections. - Ken Mowery,

"Places CD Review, Radio DJ, New Zealand"

Many thanks for sending us your wonderful "Places" CD. And I'm REALLY thankful because it's a seriously special album. Actually, to me it's more of a gallery than an album. When I put it on the player to check it out, I kept inching the volume up ... and couldn't take it off, even though I was running waaay behind time. Your songs/singing/playing drew me in from the first few bars, and just wouldn't let me go. I've heard a lot -- and I do mean "a lot" -- of very good, even great, albums in recent months but from go-to-whoa "Places" unforgivingly radiates magnetism like it's out of season. We'll be scheduling tracks with the greatest of pleasure. Cheers, - Eddie O'Strange, DJ - Town & Country Radio Show, New Zealand

"Til the Light CD Review"

Kip White is one of those artists that have the style of music that attracts you with its familiarity and holds you there with its content and quality. Kip has a very unique vocal style that reminds me of Michael McDonald for some reason. Kip's songwriting style is very artistic and borders on the edge of Adult Contemporary and Folk. I like to consider it to be a smooth AAA style. Kip's lyrical writing is almost a poetic journey. The music is like a story that molds the scenery for Kip's lyrical adventures. The musicianship on this album is also superior. Probably the main reason my attention was hooked, was the musicianship. There are several other things that I liked about this CD that I have to mention. Not only was the musicianship and songwriting excellent, but the complete production is as close to being a songwriting masterpiece as it gets. I truly enjoyed every song on the CD, and found Kip to be a songwriter that makes the creation of true art seem so simple. Most songs are on the mellow side, and give the album a certain magic that many artists spend a lifetime trying to create. With that said, I believe that Kip has only just begun to scratch the surface. Only time will tell. - Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM

"Places CD Review, Radio DJ, St Louis"

Kip, I don't recall acknowledging receipt of "Places"....just now got around to listening & I want to thank you for music well done. If you ever find yourself headed my way (St. Louis, MO), please give a holler. A house concert here could be in your future. Would also be interested in earlier work, if you're interested in sending anything you want me to have access to. Thanks again! - Clint Harding, DJ Host/Producer,

"Unspoken CD Review"

There is no more beautiful sound than the acoustic guitar. Kip White shows that beauty in every note on this album. Unspoken in an acoustic instrumental album that delivers that beauty and purity of this inspirational instrument. Speaking of inspirational, Kip's music is just that. As a guitarist, I was compelled by the aura of this music and the refreshing vibe that was presented. The moods of this music are more on the mellow end, but Kip does manage to pull off the foot stompin' grooves once in a while. Amazed by the musicianship, I couldn’t help but listen to this music over and over. This is definitely a guitarist's album. I haven't heard the old box played this way in a long time. Not only will music lovers find this album to their liking, but I'm willing to bet that by the vast amount of influence that Kip provides in his sound, music fans from many different genres will find it appealing. - Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM

"CD Release Concert - "Places""

John, ...Your friend Kip was a delight to hear and I am so grateful that he has been in your life. Your strong desire for folks to show up was unusual and I am so glad I went to meet your friend and take away such a fine audio travelogue. A voice can transport us to places that hard images seem to miss. I believe it is the time thing that the ear hears and the eye misses. In a comfortable crescent of burgundy covered chairs we stare at a generous stage where a tall man with a comfortable weight of years has followed a path of powerful rigidly straight parallel cables onto center stage. Kip White west Texas ranch child now grown and living in the Colorado high country. Kip starts with a guitar solo and lyrics from a place he wants to share with us. And with that simple song we are drawn this night on a number of journeys through story and song. Kip's band is a collection of friends, all musicians of long acquaintance that have other gigs. A keyboard, a mandolin and rhythm guitar, a bass, and an interesting percussion collection are arranged in two parallel lines. This is a fixed place performance. And yet within this tight visual framework Kip takes us to the Bayou, the West Texas lone tree land, the high Colorado canyon country and even to a Sushi Restaurant run by a fishing friend of his. Places, the framework of our friendships is the theme of Kip's new CD. And this journey covers the sweet crescent of time and place. We ride at dawn on waters dark with a fallen friend... to see the day begin. This was my favorite piece more spoken than sung but it transported us all quite comfortably to our own early morning moments at a body of water.
- Kevin

"House Concert Review 1"

Kip…We enjoyed your concert very much as well. We have received so much feedback that was positive that we look forward to your return for another go around. As a matter of fact Ed and Fran P. are here now getting their haircut from Charity and they went on and on about your performance. I will try and set something up with them later in the year or early next year if you would like to do so.
- Larry South, 2004 house concert host, Pueblo, CO

"House Concert Review 2"

Kyle, I just wanted to thank you both for a really wonderful evening. Ronnie said he couldn’t remember when he had enjoyed himself so much. Kip was wonderful and we have listened to his [CDs] all weekend. Thanks again for inviting us. Here is the recipe for the cake… - Linda, 2004 house concert, Ft Worth, TX


Places, 2004 (radio airplay of multiple tracks)
Til the Light, 2000 (radio airplay of multiple tracks)
Unspoken, 1994 (radio airplay of multiple tracks)
Heart to Heart Connection, 1990
Boundaries, 1986
Keep on Livin, 1983


Feeling a bit camera shy


30+ years of exploring the frets, songwriting and performing provide a depth of experience that allows Kip to relate on an instinctive level with diverse audiences. He spent his childhood on the high plains of Texas and most of his adult life in Colorado. His influences are diverse from classical to country and everything in between informing his writing whether it be an intricate guitar instrumental evocative of some beautiful landscape, a witty song about a childhood memory that strikes the proverbial universal chord or a song to make you think about the really important stuff.