Kip White

Kip White


New folk/americana, singer/songwriter. Songs about people, places, the ineffable and moods that strike me in encounters with them. Cool acoustic guitar-based poetic compositions from the wistful to the humorous.


30+ years of exploring the frets, songwriting and performing provide a depth of experience that allows Kip to relate on an instinctive level with diverse audiences. He spent his childhood on the high plains of Texas and most of his adult life in Colorado. His influences are diverse from classical to country and everything in between informing his writing whether it be an intricate guitar instrumental evocative of some beautiful landscape, a witty song about a childhood memory that strikes the proverbial universal chord or a song to make you think about the really important stuff.


Cowboy & Princess

Written By: Kip White

if you asked him he would say
I’m gonna be a cowboy
ride a big white horse all day
and put fear in the heart of outlaws

if you asked her she would say
I’m gonna be a princess
marry me a prince someday
and live happy ever after

he was gonna be a cowboy
with a six-gun and a knife
gonna find himself a Tonto
someone to save his life

she was gonna be a princess
dance at every royal ball
have lots of pretty dresses
suitors to come and call

he was gonna be a cowboy
she was gonna be a princess
something lost something gained
forgetting fairy-tale wishes

one day the cowboy met the princess
every dream got rearranged
he lost his heart she found true love
in a match that heaven made

so he got himself a Tonto
not exactly what he’d planned
she got herself a pretty white dress
he’s no prince but he’s a good man


he’ll teach her how to ride
and the stuff that Tontos do
she’ll teach him how to dance
round the corners of her moods

as God wills they’ll make a life
built on love and not on myth
all the storms they will survive
with the prayers of family and friends


there’s a sweetness to the sadness
some wishes don’t come true
but you wake up one morning what you never dreamed of
is so much better for you
yes it’s so much better for you


Takin a Trip

Written By: Kip White

in the summer time takin a trip
all the kids are fightin and momma’s upset
dad’s been drivin since he don’t know when
ain’t it fun takin a trip

we’ve got ice cream on the new carpet in the back
the dog drools all over daddy’s neck
are we almost there yet I’ve really got to go
I got the window oh no you don’t

well the air conditioning breaks and momma gets sick
the dog just keeps droolin and it’s hotter than heck
dad dozes off and there’s almost a wreck
ain’t it fun takin a trip

we’ve got ice cream and dog hair all mixed with sweat
we’ve stopped 5,452,681 times and we ain’t there yet
where does that dog get so much slobber
just runs more freely as it gets more hotter

well the miles roll by there endless it seems
dad’s temperature is risin as the kids begin to scream
and he’s just about to blow when the car begins to steam
ain’t it fun takin a trip

How I Remember You

Written By: Kip White

old white pickups with the windshields cracked up
buildin barb-wire fence on posts of cedar
early mornins the bobwhites callin
floppy-eared dogs we’re goin huntin

turnip patches long rows of howin
paint-stained bands on timex watches
cheap pocket knives with broken blades
your old straw stetson bent and sweat-stained

this is how I remember you
images burned in my soul
lessons learned treasures I’ll keep
to pass along when I grow old

little sermons and words of wisdom
hey diddle diddle the cat in the fiddle
twinkle twinkle little star
how I wonder how you are

ice cream floats and coconut pie
laughter shining in my children’s eyes
tough as nails gentle as a lamb
I pray to be such a man

this is how I remember you
images burned in my soul
lessons learned treasures I’ll keep
to pass along when I grow old

lessons learned treasures I'll keep
I want to be just like you when I grow old


Places, 2004 (radio airplay of multiple tracks)
Til the Light, 2000 (radio airplay of multiple tracks)
Unspoken, 1994 (radio airplay of multiple tracks)
Heart to Heart Connection, 1990
Boundaries, 1986
Keep on Livin, 1983

Set List

At small venues, I generally play two sets of 45 min to 1 hr. At larger concert venues, successful doing one extended set up to 1 hr 45 min. All songs original.

Set 1 list:
Landscapes of Your Love
Cowboy and Princess
Lonesome Tree
Chicken Coop
Louisiana Morning
Boundaries without Lines (instrumental)
High Plains of Texas
Aubrey's Dance (instrumental)

Set 2 List
Tongue Tied (instrumental)
JBB's Sushi Bar
How I Remember You
When We Weep
Takin a Trip
High Church
When October Comes