Kira Lyra

Kira Lyra

 New York City, New York, USA

Kira Lyra is an engaging and energetic performer. Her style is a unique blend of blues and folk, influenced by pop music from the 30s-60s, with a dash of 80s DIY punk and a soupcon of country. Her vocals are soulful and versatile, and her lyrics explore life's highs and lows with humor and gravity.


Kira Lyra grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas where she started writing songs at a young age. After leaving her hillbilly homeland, she journeyed throughout the southern US, living in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida before spending a year vagabonding through Europe, India, and Nepal.

This nomadic lifestyle led her away from the piano and towards the more portable guitar. On returning from her travels she came to a gentle stop in New York, where she has lived and performed since 2008.

Aside from being a singer/songwriter, Kira Lyra has performed in variety and burlesque shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as independent theater and performance art.


Waltz of We

Written By: Kira Kupfersberger

Pronounce: this is!

Repeat after yourself, board up the bookshelf,
I won't mind
I won't obey
A cusp grasped by two days,
A predilection for star-gazing,
Lifts my eyes from you - where you sit, and contemplate straight lines,

And we all look to one another:
Parent, child, sister, brother,
In desperation, find a lover -
Hope he has the answers.

Friends die and we keep humming,
Can't swallow life, but we keep gumming,
Babies all, our guitars strumming,
Homage to other souls.

She was everything I aspired to be, but sickness and sorrow conspired, till one day she closed her eyes,
and rested against a tree.

A cup, and a sentence: her gifts freely given,
Now she is gone, and I wish I'd striven
Harder to know her,
while she was living.

And we all think maybe life could be beautiful,
If we could only be blessed and dutiful,
Look for our destinies,
Find nothing suitable,
Look somewhere else for a while.

But living is dying just slower and harder,
And we can't help trying to buy sell or barter,
Our way through this life,
But if we are smarter,
We take what we're given for free.

We move through time as we do space,
Moments mastered quickly fade,
Into the next,
Sun to shade,
And some day we'll all leave this place.